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									Folk remedies to treat gout

Have wisdom for a good method of treatment of gout, it is best recipe to

gout remedies unofficial

With the rapid increase in levels of living and way of life changes in the
daily life of gout has become a common disease. gout is uric acid excretion of
purine metabolic disorders live a group of diseases caused by cuts to the
clinical features of hyperuricemia, and the resulting duplication of acute
gouty arthritis attack, tophi deposition, tophi, chronic arthritis and joint
deformities, often involving the kidney can cause chronic interstitial
nephritis and uric acid kidney stone formation. Now medical research has
proved, can cause gout symptoms, including kidney damage, osteonecrosis, lung
damage, heart disease and other complications. According to the information
counter display, at the present, nearly 70% of patients with gout patients are
not standardized system for long-term treatment of gout caused by repeated
episodes of gouty arthritis, physical disability, renal failure and even death!

Here is what I find online some of the prescriptions of traditional Chinese
medicine treatment of gout, you may wish to refer to.

prescription 1: Huang Zhi 50 grams, pregnancy, monkshood, the system in the
summer, Notopterygium, white peony root, Epimedium, Dioscorea collettii,
Angelica, Zao Ren, Poria of 9 grams, wind, Asarum, independent living,
cinnamon, Zhigancao 6 grams each, Chuanxiong 4.5 grams. the decoction of the
herb, Day 1, 3 times

prescription 2: Angelica, white peony root, licorice each 60 grams, 30 grams
nosed pit viper, centipede, Asarum each 20 grams, shochu 2000 ml. to the herbs
small study, cloth soaked in alcohol for 10 days, each serving 30 ml, 2 times,
25 days for a course of treatment.

prescription 3: Clematis 150 grams, ginger (cooked) 60 grams, aconite ( cooked,
peeled, umbilical) 60 grams. herb research for the end of the above, cooking
the meat for the pill date, such as the Indus child large, each serving 15 to
20 pills, get under the warm ginger.

Prescription 4: Astragalus 12 grams, jujube 12, aconite, ephedra, ginger 6
grams each, licorice 3 grams. will crush these herbs, 700 ml of water, boil
300 ml, 100 ml each time, 3 times daily.
prescription 5: 3 grams of ginseng, astragalus (Jiuchao), Atractylodes,
Angelica, Chuan Xiong, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Poria of 3 grams, wind, aconitase
(guns), anti himself, Guixin, licorice ( Sunburn) the 1.5 g 3 slices ginger,
jujube 2. the decoction of the herb, a daily, informal clothing when hot.

Chinese medicine treatment of gout is indeed a good way, because it does not
the human body will cause too great a burden, but trouble brewed traditional
Chinese medicine, bitter taste, but the main thing is slow effect, so many
patients are unwilling to accept Chinese medicine treatment of gout. at the
present, in this respect in the industry doing the best Bates is a complex
deacidification tea. deacidification complex Bezier basic ingredients of tea
with a variety of plants to the form of tea into the blood, and in alkaline
substances in the blood to the formation of metabolites excreted in urine,
overstepped the bounds is the ability to raise the PH value of blood and urine
will be deposited in the joints, soft Societies Department and urate crystals
in the dissolved, discharge, so as to achieve the effectiveness of the
treatment of gout.

Here are some common treatment for gout The recipe: recipe 1, Rhizoma
Imperatae drink: fresh bamboo leaves, Rhizoma Imperatae 10 each recipe spread
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