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					                              SOUL BREATHING
                             Terri Peterson SBF, ACPH, RPh
  "Breathe Love and Joy into Your Life ... Be Transformed"
                           Saturday February 27th, 2010
                  The Dharma Room Yoga & Wellness Center
                            220 S. Phillips Ave.
                              Sioux Falls, SD

        CLEAR the                       ELIMINATE                          CONNECT MORE
     SUBCONSCIOUS                      RESTRICTIVE                         FULLY with YOUR
       Soul Breathing                   BREATHING                            HIGHER SELF
    transforms negative                 PATTERNS
     thought patterns &                                                   Access higher levels
                                     Expand your Breath                      of awareness.
    trauma, allowing for             & open it more fully.
    more expression of                                                     Express from the
                                     Change your Breath,                      Soul Level.
        Love & Joy                   and Transform your

     Facilitated Soul Breath session using a deep, connected breathing process,
      music, sound healing & affirmations for body-mind-spirit integration.
     Understand how your breath is blocked and how to unblock it.
     Learn how to open up constricted, shallow breathing.
     Release stress and suppressed emotions.
     Bring eternal life force, love and joy into your body.
     Take-home breathing practice.

                         Fee: $60 non-members or
                      $50 for Dharma Room members
                               Register Early, Space is Limited!
                                 ●Reclaim your breath
       ●Relieve Stress ●Release your emotional baggage and self-limiting beliefs
                          ●Feel light, joyful & free ●Live fully
          ●Heal relationships ●Return to love ●Accept & allow you to be you
            To Register go online at or call 605.271.YOGA
Bring: Mat, 2 blankets, 2 pillows for lying on floor. Wear loose clothing & bring a bottle of water.

           Terri Peterson, SBF, ACPH, RPh, has been involved in the holistic healing arts for nine years and is a
           certified Soul Breathing™ Facilitator. She has studied breathwork with Robert Winn, Soul Breathing™, Dr.
           Judith Kravitz, Transformational Breathing™, and Master Stephen Co/Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Pranic
                    ®             ®
           Healing /Arhatic Yoga . Her goal as a breathworker is to help each person connect more fully with their soul
           through the amazing power of the breath. She uniquely combines science and spirituality, by blending her
           work as an associate certified Pranic Healer and breath practitioner with her work as a Registered
           Pharmacist. Terri lives in Minnesota and offers workshops in homes, churches and studios throughout the
           Midwest. Email:             “Breath Fully and Live Freely”