Stud Crimper Channel Shear

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					Drywall Tools

Punch Lock                                                                                                                                        Enlarged Crimp

Stud Crimper                                                                                          Maximum capacity
                                                                                                      22 gauge stud and runner.

 Secures any width Stud and Runner
 without screws or other fasteners.                                                               Black vinyl cushion
                                                                                             grips with handle stops.

 Punch and
    Die are

                                                                                        Powerful                            Compound Leverage
                                                                                        leverage design                                      Channel Shear

Compound leverage increases mechanical advantage nearly 7 to 1. Simply
squeeze handles together with one hand while holding stud in place. A unique
punch and die shape creates a rectangular crimp, bending over thicknesses of
channel and stud at the same time to form a sturdy bond. Crimp is always the
proper strength and resists stress from any angle. Spring return handles snap
the punch back in a ready position to go on to the next stud or fastening point.
Lightweight and compact size allows the user to work overhead or in tight
quarters with ease. Tool fits inside the smallest stud and runner. Punch and dies
are constructed from high quality tool steel and are easily replaceable. Body of
tool consists of an aluminum die cast ‘C’ frame and rust resistant, nickel plat-
ed steel handles and parts. Tool also features non-slip vinyl grips with hand
stops for added comfort and resistance to elements.                                                                                                   SRC24A

Catalog         Description                    Throat Depth              Capacity                Net Wt.
Number                                           in. (mm)        Galvanized Steel 22 Gauge        oz. (g)
                                                                          in. (mm)                             Compound leverage shear cuts through 20 gauge metal studs and runner faster,
PL1             Punch Lock/                    1-1/2 (38.1)             .034 (0.86)             16 (454)       easier and more economically than any other tool on the market.
                Stud Crimper                                                                                   Shear completes cut in one easy stroke without deforming metal channel.
                                                                                                               Die assembly assures that cutting action is clean and precise. Hollow ground
REPLACEMENT PARTS                                                                                              hardened steel blade can be resharpened or replaced. A 36" (91 cm) long
PLD1            Replacement Punch and Die
                                                                                                               handle provides additional leverage making cutting with this shear almost
                                                                                                               effortless. Lightweight and portable enough to be where you want it, when you
TOOL SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                            want it. Model SRC24A cuts 3 basic channel sizes 1-5/8, 2-1/2 & 3-5/8"
                 Punch / Frame                               Variable Leverage Ratio                           (41.3, 63.5 and 92.1 mm) stud and accommodating runners. Shear features
                                                          High/Low Throughout Stroke
      Tool Steel Punch w/Cast Aluminum Frame                   Shear Action (Punch)                            rugged all steel and bolt construction. Handle has red vinyl comfortable grips.
                                                                                                               Catalog    Capacity
                                                                                                               Number     Galvanized Steel
                                                                                                                          20 Gauge           Cuts both Stud & Runner Sizes   Height     Length          Net Wt.
                                                                                                                          in. (cm)                      in. (cm)             in. (cm)   in. (cm)        lbs. (kg)
                                                                                                               SRC24A     .040 (1.02)            1-5/8, 2-1/2 & 3-5/8        8 (20)     36 (91)    23.00 (10.43)
                                                                                                                                                      (4, 7, & 9)

                                                                                                               REPLACEMENT BLADE
                        See Catalog Supplement                                                                 Catalog    Description
62                                                                                                             Number
                                                                                                               10627      One replacement blade and two spacers. Field replacement.
                                                                                                                                        Caulking Guns
      Caulking Gun
       Square Piston Design

                                                                                            Caulking Gun
Heavy duty professional models with thumb-activated pressure release.
Designed for use with spouted cartridge. Powerful ratcheting action
minimizes worker fatigue or need to warm up caulk. User can regulate stroke
to fit hand. Square piston rod may be rotated to expose new gripping surface
and increase service life of tool. Handy puncture wire folds inside handle.
Catalog     Application         Cartridge      Carriage Dia.     Length          Net Wt.
Number                           Capacity        in. (mm)        in. (mm)         oz. (g)
CG20        Spouted Cartridge    1/10 gal.        2 (51)       8-1/2 (216)       28 (794)
                                                                                            • Slotted front for easy loading.
                                                                                            Catalog   Application         Cartridge   Carriage Dia.     Length      Net Wt.
                                                                                            Number                         Capacity     in. (mm)        in. (mm)     oz. (g)

Easy Dispensing                                                                             CG10      Spouted Cartridge   1/10 gal.      2 (51)       8-1/2 (216)   17 (482)

Caulking Gun
                                                                                            Flexible / Lightweight
                                             POWER GRIP
                                               with steel
                                                                                            Caulking Gun

                                                   Double Gripping plate and                                               CG12
                                                   trigger adjustment screw
                          Adjustment Screw
                                                   for longer dispensing life.
   Gripping Plate

          • Trigger adjustment screw compensates for normal                                 • Compact design stores in a toolbox.
            wear to assure full dispensing stroke and extend
                                                                                            • Handy puncture wire.
            tool life.
                                                                                            • Ladder size hang hook.
          • Rotating barrel for maneuverability and easy
            caulk placement.
                                                                                            Catalog   Application         Cartridge   Carriage Dia.     Length         Net Wt.
          • Slotted front for easy loading.                                                 Number                         Capacity     in. (mm)        in. (mm)        oz. (g)
                                                                                            CG12      Spouted Cartridge   1/10 gal.      2 (51)       8-1/2 (216)     25 (709)
          • Ladder size hang hook.
Catalog     Application         Cartridge      Carriage Dia.     Length          Net Wt.
Number                           Capacity        in. (mm)        in. (mm)         oz. (g)
CG18        Spouted Cartridge    1/10 gal.        2 (51)       8-1/2 (216)       28 (794)                                                                             63

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