“Zoom to Super Success” Compiles Proven Tactics From Web’s Superstars by bnmbgtrtr52


									?Since a myriad of sources report that only a select few (roughly 5%) of Internet
businesses become successful, it seems crucial to identify and implement only proven
techniques, marketing ideas and tools. Although a lot of the top Internet marketers are
willing to share their expertise, if you were to purchase all of the informational
materials available, the cost could become astronomical. For example, the fee for
attending just one seminar can be well over $1,000.

Luckily, Richard Quek's eBook, "Zoom to Super Success," was written to help those
interested in making money online learn from the best and the brightest. This
compendium of knowledge explains how to "Role Model" your way to success by
finding out what's the right thing to do at the right time. It allows you to tap into the
minds of an elite group of Internet superstars like Joe Vitale, Michael Filsaime, Jason
Anderson and Dr. Roberto Bonomi. Other contributors include Adrian Ling, Darryl
Graham, Kevin Bidwell and Jo Han Mok.

The 50-plus top marketers interviewed for "Zoom to Super Success," come from a
wide variety of disciplines and have what author Quek calls "unconscious
competence." He means that each has an innate, instinctive ability to build some of
the most profitable online businesses.

By asking some direct and intuitive questions, Quek has complied some of the best
advice on membership sites, affiliates, joint ventures, online auctions, newsletters,
copywriting, software and a host of critical subjects.

The author is, himself, an extremely well regarded Internet marketer. A Chartered
Accountant by profession he is passionately involved in Internet marketing, known
for both his training abilities (TIMM Super Seminar) and eBooks. In fact, Quek has
authored at least five books, including ""Cappuccino & Success," "The Insider Secrets
to Network Marketing" and "Exposed" (which offers 101 proven strategies to increase
your website visitor rates exponentially.)

"Zoom to Success" has been exceptionally well received. For example, Jay Conrad
Levinson -- the author a well-known series of books on Guerrilla Marketing - has
called it "outstanding." Additionally, eBook writer and software developer Michael
Rasmussen says it is something he would "highly recommend to everyone looking for
a good role model to follow online" while Joint Venture Expert and Business Coach,
Mark Hendricks, says he "learned something new from each and every one of your

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