“Your Startup Disk is full” Error in Mac by bnmbgtrtr52


Several times, while working on your Mac computer, you may come across with the
following error message:

"Your Startup Disk is full. You need to delete some files"

When you delete some unwanted files and empty Trash Bin to free up some disk
space, the operating system stays on doing it for a few minutes, but nothing happens.
The files remain as it is and the system freezes.

In this case, you have to do hard reset of your system. But after hard reset, the system
does not boot. It sticks on the Grey start-up screen with the pinwheel spinning.

In this case, the system does not start even in safe mode. Here no hardware
components of your system works. You can not eject the CD drive and thus you can
not boot the system from boot CD or DVD.


It is the worst case scenario which a Mac user could face. This problem can be the
possible result of corrupted hard drive data structures. The important data structures
include file system, file system table, parttion table and the like.

For accessing data from the hard drive, the operating system interacts only with the
disk data structures. If the data structure are not in working condition, then the
operating system can not retrieve the data and thus the data loss happens.

It does not matter what the reason of this problem is, the most important thing is the
result. The result is data loss. In such situations, you need to recover your data with
the help of appropriate Mac data recovery solutions.

Mac data recovery can be carried out with the easy application of?data recovery Mac
software. These are the third party applications, specifically designed to meet different
users' Mac data recovery requirements.

Mac data recovery, using data recovery Mac applications, is very simple. It does not
demand any sound technical knowledge. Using Mac data recovery software, you can
retrieve all of your data in a quick way; no matter you have prior knowledge of
performing data recovery Mac or not.

In order to ensure efficient data recovery Mac, a powerful?Mac data recovery? is
essential and Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery software is the ideal choice
for this. This data recovery Mac software is powerful enough to recover lost data in
all posers of data loss.
Having interactive and intuitive user interface, this data recovery Mac software is
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trouble. Phoenix Mac data recovery is capable of recovering all sorts of lost files from
all file versions of Mac OS X.


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