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“Your List and Salesmanship- Two Critical Components of Success”


									?Many Internet entrepreneurs new to the online business world believe that you have
to a product to sell before you should build a subscriber list. Hog wash! Build your
list first. Your list will help you design and build your products and services. You can
ask your list what they want and give it to them. The feedback from your list is
extremely powerful.

Following are two ways to survey your list:
1.) Have software that compiles the information you need. Go to to find this software.

2.) Email your list. Ask them about their most pressing problem. They will respond
and give you the feedback you need. You can build your product based on the wants
and needs of your list. You are much more likely to sell the product and earn more
money if you work in this manner.

If you have a product or service, but no list then you are in a bad situation. Why? Your
product or service may not meet the needs of a list that you build. The moral of the
story - always build your list first! It is better to have a list, but no product or service
to sell. The Ultimate Guru builds his list first.

Besides building a list, you need to drive into the market and stake your claim. Go to
events where you target market is at. Find out and observe their buying habits. Also
find out how the other gurus are marketing to your target customers. What words are
the gurus using that prompt customers to take action? Model what these successful
gurus do and add your own twist and flair to it.

Ultimate gurus will buy the products of their competition to find out what is out there.
This is marketing research to help them understand what is successful and why. They
take these lucrative marketing strategies and adapt it to their business. What can you
learn from other markets and gurus out there? How can you implement their strategies
into your business with your own personalization?

The Ultimate Guru knows how to be the ultimate salesman. They know how to make
the "power close" in their sales copy. They know how to make consistent money each
day, but to also sell the big ticket items. They understand the need for daily money as
well as huge income days through the big ticket items.

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