“Your Guide To Spying On Your Law Firm Rivals So You Can Profit

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Be a Nosey Neighbour and Spy on your Competitors.

It's a good concept to spy on your competitors. They may well
Have a good idea one can swipe. Or maybe they are doing
Things that you can draw attention to and compare
Your own services with, (favourably using compare and contrast).

Imagine the undercover workautomated for you. And fast.
The more rapidly you know what they are up to the quicker you can react.
(And profit).

I was recently reminded about a great tool that helps
Spy on your competition.

This service is

It's not complex.

Type in the web page address you would like to monitor and the email address to send
alerts to. For example a rival solicitors news page. You can customise what changes
you want reported on the page versus only major changes etc.

You can study the changes that
were made because it highlights them.

I use this tool (along with Google Alerts) to help keep an
Eye out for relevant changes online. (Including whether
My clients do their homework!)

Now you have to think about how you would use this service.

Let's suppose you want to find out what other law firms are
using as bait to get prospects to engage with them.

It's important to swipe and deploy the best pull marketing methods you can.

If you get people to respond to your pull marketing you will have a series of leads that
are on your desk each day. Leads that are qualified and are there because they are
interested in what you have.

This is important for three reasons;
Clients have more respect because you are the expert and they contacted you
You don’t have to work with clients who don’t match your expertise
Your time is spent proactively because new clients already know what you do

How you respond to those leads is important. And pull marketing can also save you
time here. Because you can Qualify Leads through Pull Marketing.

You can devise a first, second, third and fourth step in your pull marketing, that
separates the diamonds from the dirt. Once you get a lead in, you can provide more
information, automatically, that will further qualify the lead.

You can even get them to do the work for you to qualify themselves.

For example, you can ask them to fill in an audit of what they need or what they have
in place before you look at their business in more detail.

If it’s a private client, you can ask them to complete a “Roadmap For
Tomorrow” before you see them about Estate Planning.

What do you need to communicate in your PULL Marketing?

When you use Pull Marketing you have to be entering into the conversation that is
already going on in your clients’ or prospects’ heads.

Ask yourself, “What is it that they are thinking about today, next week, this

This is your key to providing them with the information that they need in the language
they talk, so that they contact you.

And you can keep track of who is doing what with their pull marketing with
this tool. Because it will tell you what changes people are making.

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