Executive Summary VS Pink is a sub-brand of Victoria's Secret by pengxuebo


									Executive Summary

VS Pink is a sub-brand of Victoria’s Secret geared towards college women. It features a lineup
of loungewear, sleepwear, intimate apparel, bags, bedding, flip-flops and other accessories. They
also carry an exclusive PINK collegiate collection that features numerous colleges. It is
Victoria’s Secret’s first fashion line designed specifically for college women.

Collective Communications Inc. researched the target audience’s brand awareness as well as the
main issues they face in everyday life. Our secondary research involved analysis of the target
audience's statistics, including lifestyle, health awareness and community
involvement. Information on Pink’s market competitors was also compiled through this research.
The conclusion is that the health problems of women, as well as preventative measures are of
significant importance to college women, which led us to take a further look into what a healthy
lifestyle entails and how we can incorporate it into the lives of young women.

After reviewing our secondary research we conducted primary research in the form of in-depth
interviews, focus groups and an online survey. The agency’s primary objective was to get a first
hand account of the college woman’s perception of Pink, as well as healthy lifestyle choices and
knowledge. The research findings led us to the conclusion that our target audience should expand
to include the health conscious individual. As a result, our campaign promotes the central theme
of a healthy lifestyle through with the “Live the Pink Life” campaign.

The campaign will provide young women with the basic knowledge and understanding of
various women’s health issues, as well as stress management, exercise, and nutrition. Collective
Communications plans on accomplishing this by implementing various promotions including
“VSP 101: Creating a Healthier U” campus tour, Pink Girl of the Month/Year, and the “Paint the
Town Pink" sponsorship with Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

Our goal is to inspire women to "Live the Pink Life" and we plan on reaching our target audience
via magazines and various online outlets as our primary media vehicles. Our research indicates
that our target audience relies primarily on online sources to obtain information about new
products and activities, as well as health-related topics. Findings also revealed that social
networking would be an effective way to inform our target audience about Pink events and
promotions. As a result, advertisements will be placed in targeted magazines like Cosmopolitan,
and on various webpages such as iVillage.com. These mediums attract young health-conscious

The agency will convey the concept of a healthy lifestyle with creative advertisements in which
young women are engaged in activities that promote the concept of “Live the Pink Life." This
message will be carried out through promotional events, public relations efforts, targeted
advertisements, viral marketing, and grassroots efforts. Overall the goal of Collective
Communications is to evolve the Victoria's Secret Pink® into a brand that is known for being
active, healthy, and philanthropic.

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