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									Cost of treatment of cervical erosion

I am very nervous that the symptoms, the pro who can tell me the cost of
treatment of cervical erosion about how much ah??

the cost of treating cervical erosion ranging. The treatment of cervical
erosion costs by region is also kind of hospital treatment of divergent
divergent style pattern and determined kind of therapy equipment, and even
sometimes with the Price Bureau, there are some connection area, and my
treatment of cervical erosion will cost about 2,000 yuan , including the
beginning to the hospital for medical examination costs. then used to cure
cervical erosion treatment of drug Shabolinnuo small I feel Shabolinna private
treatment of cervical erosion effects can be, but the price is a little

the cost of treatment of cervical erosion, generally the top three hospitals,
drug treatment if it is, then, is at least about 2-3000, hospital medicine is
only part inside the temporary relief from the role of the degree of cervical

for surgical treatment and microwave treatment of cervical erosion, the cost
is much larger amplitude, before and after the class, including anti-
inflammatory, at least three thousand, as many as five thousand.

my cost of treating cervical erosion Rob out:

for the first time to the hospital routine colposcopy and vaginal discharge, a
total of 206 yuan

medication is a total of 498 yuan, the first plug is fluid and complex Fang
Huangbai medicine, really black ah!

treatment 1 and a half months, and then when the review is still a severe
cervical erosion!

this review include the registration is: 100 yuan

buy Sha Bolin Na, 3 cycles, a total of 1250 yuan

last review is 100 yuan!
total cost of my treatment of cervical erosion than 2,000 yuan, but now one
year without recurrence.

two thousand or so

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