How To Choose Best Antivirus Solutions

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					?These days there are a number of choices that people have when they need to
purchase internet security software packages to protect their computers from online
threats. People can choose to visit some websites and get trial versions of security
downloads before purchasing a full program, or they can simply go into a retail store
and buy the software installation disk. Regardless of which method of acquiring the
software is preferred, the question still remains for most people, "What is the best
antivirus software available and which should they choose?"

In most cases, the antivirus internet security protection software that is published
today comes with good warranties, guarantees and a strong level of customer support
to help the computer user deal with any serious issues that might arise because of the
various internet threats that are posed to their systems. Because of this level of
support, many PC owners are most comfortable with an antivirus internet security
suite from a highly reputable company.

But, there is a strong contingent of people who are convinced that the best antivirus
software packages are the ones that are freely available to computer users. Indeed,
there are many different, free internet security systems available that can be found at
any of the numerous software download websites or through various software
discussion forums. Often, software publishers will have free versions of their software
available on the sites as well.

In some cases, the software publishers offer a limited time trial in order to allow the
PC user to try out the software. This is a great benefit for computer users who are
often overwhelmed by the sheer number of options they have to choose from.

Typically, the company will allow you to use a full version of their software for a
limited time, such as two weeks or 30 days. At the end of that period, you must
purchase a license in order to continue using their security software.

The biggest advantage to these trials periods is that the user has the opportunity to get
a "feel" for the software and to see if they are able to run it easily. They can test the
user interface and see if it is intuitive or if it was designed more for computer geeks
and engineers than for the average computer user.

In most cases, these companies also offer at least a minimum level of support while
the user is testing their software. This is done with the hope that the user will be
pleased with both the software and the customer support so that they will decide to
make the purchase of the internet safety antivirus package.

Another way that some of the software companies allow people to test out their
computer internet security software is to allow them to use a limited or "lite" version.
Typically, the limited version will provide some functions that the full software
features, but will have many of the advanced features disabled. In most cases, these
limited versions have no time limitation on them, but simply do not provide the full
level of protection that computer users should have.

Once the PC owner has had the chance to test drive the security suite software in one
of these ways, they will be able to determine for themselves which is the best
antivirus package for them. While testing the software to see how it handles threats, it
is also a good idea to research the software publisher to know if they are reliable and
if they have a good track record for providing good customer service.

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