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									?How to Choose a Commercial Mortgage Lender
By Asad Haroon, CEO of

Commercial Mortgage Lenders are agencies that provide funding to businesses and
other organizations for the purchase of property. A commercial mortgage lender acts
in much the same capacity as a mortgage lender for a private individual would.
Commercial Mortgage Lenders are important because they allow businesses to
purchase office space, warehouse space, production space, and more. Many
commercial lenders provide generous rates to businesses. But choosing can be tough.

Along with the mortgage itself, many businesses rely on their commercial mortgage
lenders for additional funding so they can increase the size of their office space. This
additional funding is built into the mortgage itself so that businesses can make
improvements without having to pay up-front costs.

There are hundreds of commercial mortgage lenders across the country. Finding the
right commercial mortgage lender often involves doing plenty of research into rates,
fees, and the reputation of the lender. Take the following considerations into mind
when looking for the right commercial mortgage lender:

Rate - Commercial mortgage lenders compete to offer the lowest rate to businesses.
However, keep in mind that what is the lowest rate now might be a higher rate down
the road if you sign an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) as opposed to a fixed rate
mortgage (FRM). Therefore, be sure that you understand not only what the current
rate amount is, but also what kind of future rate you will be getting so that you can
anticipate costs down the road.

Fees - When purchasing property, there are always fees that you will have to pay, such
as a down payment for the property and closing costs. Depending on your budget, you
may not have a lot of money to put down for these fees, especially if you are still
raising capital for your business. Ask mortgage lenders what down payment
percentage they require and what additional fees you will be expected to pay. In some
cases, these fees can be negotiated.

Reputation - The reputation of the commercial mortgage lender is very important. You
want to ensure that you look for a lender that has a track record of credibility will
work with you in a favorable way if there comes a time when you have difficulty
paying the mortgage. Search the Better Business Bureau records and Google for
information about a particular company and any complaints that may have been filed
against that company.

Loan Amount - Depending on the credit history of the business and the key players,
the amount of the loan that you will be able to get may vary by mortgage lender.
Therefore, you will want to preauthorize the loan prior to looking for office spaces to
buy. It's not always the best choice to go with the mortgage lender that will give you
the biggest loan - as you will probably have a substantial monthly payment that may
be difficult to meet if you do purchase a large office space. If you need help finding a
commercial mortgage lender, click here. If you want commercial loan vendors to
compete for your business, click here. For additional information, click here.

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