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1. Completed by the Course Initiator: Mrs. Reva Gilmore

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OFA 239                                                Shorthand II, Intermediate Transcription, Part 4
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An intermediate course in Gregg Shorthand, Centennial Edition. This course enables students to take office-style dictation and produce a
mailable transcript on computers. With those objectives fulfilled, students will have achieved the skill level necessary to employ shorthand
in its many personal and professional applications. In order to provide students with an entry-level dictation and transcription skill,
instruction centers in four major types of activities: theory review, shorthand dictation speed building, transcription skill development, and
mailable production letters. The course is separated into 4 parts. Each part is four weeks in duration covering a minimum of 10 lessons.
The prerequisite for 236 is 139, 237 is 236, 238 is 237, and 239 is 238.

SHORTHAND II INTERMEDIATE TRANSCRIPTION PART 4 OFA 239: The fourth four weeks is devoted to presenting lessons 31-40.
Intensive speed building in taking dictation rapidly and accurately is emphasized. Further development of the ability to transcribe, using
computers in the Model Office, with a shorthand rate of 80 to 100 wpm for three minutes with at least 95% transcription accuracy. Students
may enroll in one or more units consecutively (OFA 236-239) and earn 4 units of credit for the semester.

UNITS: 1     HOURS: Lecture: 4 Laboratory: 1           (4 weeks)   Clinic/Field:


Prerequisite: OFA 238

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Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

01.    Demonstrate her/his knowledge of shorthand theory.
02.    Demonstrate her/his ability to write the brief forms and transcribe them with at least 93% accuracy.
03.    Improve her/his phrasing ability in shorthand.
04.    Improve and apply her/his knowledge of spelling, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation skill, and word usage.
05.    Demonstrate her/his ability to take new matter dictation at 80-100 wpm for 3 or 5 minutes with at least 95% accuracy.
06.    Demonstrate her/his ability to transcribe new matter dictation at the rate of 20-30 wpm with at least 95% accuracy.
07.    Apply principles and theory learned to transcribe documents mailable at least 90% of the time.
08.    Demonstrate her/his ability to take office style dictation and transcribe with mailable standards.
09.    Demonstrate her/his ability to use shorthand as an aid to research, confidentiality, recording instructions, rough drafts, and
       personal use.
10.    Apply principles and theory learned to create new outlines accurately.
11.    To increase vocabulary and become word conscious.
12.    To recognize commonly used grammatical constructions to enable him to apply the correct punctuation to them.
13.    To get the gist of meaning of a dictated unit and to make sense in the transcript in terms of the central idea.


 1. Outline of Topics:
Lessons 31-40
01.    Theory review
02.    Brief Forms and phrases
03.    Transcription of titles, personal names,
04.    Daily reading and writing of shorthand outlines
05.    Similar words review
06.    Dictation transcription principles
07.    Transcription principles
08.    Punctuation reviews
09.    Spelling reviews
10.    As, if, when clauses
11.    Series, conjunction, and apposition, introductory, and omitted, and parenthetical comma review
12.    Semicolon in compound sentence and in a series
13.    Compound adjectives
14.    Punctuation at the end of a courteous request

  2. Examples of Reading Assignments:

Text and various handouts

3. Examples of Writing Assignments:

4. Appropriate Assignments to be completed outside of class:

Spelling, reading, and writing using new shorthand theory outlines. Taking dictation from cassette tapes

5. Appropriate Assignments that demonstrate critical thinking:

Analyze a given situation, define the problem, and apply principles learned to formulate a solution.

6. Other Assignments:

Listen to music and television and take dictation.
Use shorthand while taking notes in other classes.
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Department Standards, Tests, and Finals

Percent                    Grade          Wpm   Percent                  Grade   Percent
of Grade                                        of Grade
10%      Reading           A              130   30%      Theory %          A       90
         wpm, new          B              120            correct           B       85
         98%               C              110                              C       80
         accuracy          D              100                              D       75

30%      Dictation         A              100   10%     Brief Forms        A       99
         wpm               B               90           % correct          B       96
         95% accuracy      C               80                              C       93
         new material      D               70                              D       90

20%      Transcription     A              30
         wpm 95%           B              25
         accuracy          C              20
                           D              15

Teacher demonstration, explanation of new shorthand theory, including English/grammar principles, transcription techniques and
01. Word lists to be taken from instructor dictation and transcribed by the student
02. Written homework assignments read and transcribed by the student
03. Practice on shorthand theory and vocabulary on the board and in steno notebook
04. Reading and writing of shorthand outlines
05. Theory assignments such as cross word puzzles written in shorthand
06. Daily dictation from instructor or cassette tapes
07. Office style dictation and transcription
08. Brief form dictation tests
09. Spelling tests--Dictation of shorthand and transcription
10. Students read aloud shorthand homework and dictation
11. Theory --Dictation of shorthand and transcription tests
12. Apply her/his knowledge of English, punctuation, and spelling to shorthand.
13. Use of graphic tablet and teacher developed Art Dabbler and multimedia presentations


(List typical or required primary sources, texts, and other materials; or reference college bookstore computerized listings, etc.)

The following is purchased or provided by the student
         Gregg Shorthand College Book II
         20,000 Word Divider/Speller
         Shorthand Dictionary
         Printer copy paper: Sub/Weight 20-24

         Gregg ruled Steno notebooks


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