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Zope is a next-generation Open Source application server and portal toolkit developed
by Zope Corporation and a large active community of users. It runs on nearly all
UNIX platforms as well as Windows NT and can be used with most popular web
servers or its own built in web server. Zope is written (and extensible with) Python, a
powerful object-oriented programming language, with performance sensitive
components written in C.
Unlike common file-based Web templating systems such as ASP or PHP, Zope is a
highly object-oriented Web development platform that covers much more of the
problem domain for Web application developers. It provides clean separation of data,
logic and presentation, an extensible set of built-in objects and a powerful integrated
security model. The Zope infrastructure relieves the developer of most of the onerous
details of Web application development such as data persistence, data integrity and
access control, allowing you to focus on the problem at hand.
Zope provides all of the necessary tools to integrate data and content from nearly any
source into powerful, coherent and maintainable Web applications:
     Through-the-Web management
     Integrated access control
     Content management
     Enterprise data access
     Built-in search tools
     Powerful data sharing
     Safe delegation
One of the things that sets Zope apart from other application servers is that it was
designed from the start to be tightly coupled not only with the Web object model, but
also the Web development model. Today's successful Web applications require the
participation of many people across an organization who have different areas of
expertise. Zope is specifically designed to accommodate this model, allowing site
managers to safely delegate control to design experts, database experts and content

Zope Architecture

Zope's flexible component architecture allows it to provide solutions to many
different problems. Zope is composed of components which work together to provide
a complete web architecture.
Zope Components
ZServer provides flexible internet connectivity supporting many network protocols
including HTTP, FTP, XML-RPC, FastCGI, and PCGI. ZServer can operate in tandem
with existing web servers.
Object Database (ZODB)
Zope's object database, ZODB, supports transactions, undo, private versions, and
scales to gigabytes of data. There is also an optional enterprise option available which
provides scalability and failover.

RDBMS integration
Zope offers easy to use and powerful connection to industry leading databases
including: Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, as well as ODBC drivers.
Zope Products
Zope Products extend the Zope core by adding new object types and custom facilities
written in Python.
ZClasses extend the Zope core with new object types, which are created through the
web. ZClasses do not require any programming and can be easily distributed and

 These are Advantages and the architecture of Zope Web Application Server.

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