Zip Recovery from Invalid or Corrupted Zip Archive

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					?Compressing the folder for sending over the network or just for storing on a storage
media is a common practice. WinZip is mostly used to compress files and folders in
Windows. To access files and data from a compressed Zip file or archive, you need to
extract it. Sometimes, while extracting a Zip file, the process may fail halfway due to
Zip archive corruption. This behavior of Zip file makes all your critical data
inaccessible and you need to go for zip recovery solutions to get your data back.

When you try to extract and open a compressed or zipped (.zip) file which includes
WordPad or Microsoft Word documents, you might receive the below errormessage:

"The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted."

The extraction process gets terminated after the occurrence of this error message and
you can not open or access data from the Zip archive. Such behavior results as data
inaccessibility and serious data loss situations.

Root of the issue
As stated in the above error message, the extraction process gets halted due to the
corruption of Zip file or archive. The Zip archive may get corrupted if the Word
application has set medium or high level of security.

Due to corruption of the Zip archive, WinZip can not verify the data stored in it and
thus can not extract it. Corruption generally makes the file header unusable and thus
the archive becomes unreadable. In this situations, the archive can not be opened. The
Zip archive may also get corrupted if you have included a virus infected file in it.

There are two possible solutions available to sort out this issue:
. To prevent the occurrence of this problem in future, set the MS Word security level
to low.
. To repair and restore corrupted Zip file, use Zip Repair software.

These software are particularly designed to scan the damaged Zip file or archive,
repair it and then restore it. After repairing, Zip file can easily be extracted and the
data stored in it can be used directly.

These software are easy to use applications that do not require sound and prior
technical skills to carry out absolute Zip Recovery. With read-only and non-
destructive design, these software are completely safe to use and carry out absolute

Stellar Phoenix Zip Recovery is the most advanced tool to perform zip repair in
almost all Zip file corruption scenarios. It can repair the Zip files (up to 800 MB)
created with WinZip 5.0 to WinZip 11.1. This software is compatible with Microsoft
Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT and ME.