NOVEMBER/DECEMBER NEWS

     Heirloom Audio’s first exhibit room at RMAF a great success!

     Hundreds visited our room at RMAF, and the
     consistently high level of praise from visitors
     was a great validation for what we are doing.
     Pictured above is the full layout with the
     Quicksilver Silver 70 monoblocks in front
     driving the Grand Veenas, with twin racks in
     the back, digital source on the left and analog
     source on the right. Pictured to the right is
     the Nottingham “Space 588” (2x12-inch
     arms) sitting atop the analog rack.

     Winner of Nordost Blue Heaven Interconnect Giveaway at RMAF 2008!

     Congratulations to Jim Montalbano of Pueblo, CO for being chosen the winner in our drawing for one free
     pair of Nordost Blue Heaven 2-meter RCA interconnects (a $380 value!).

     Heirloom Audio Welcomes Graham Slee!

     Our newest product line is Graham Slee, a U.K.-designed and built line of fine phono preamps. We are
     featuring their versatile Revelation phono preamp, with adjustable equalization to match the common EQ
     practices of pre-RIAA recording labels. Graham Slee offers an extensive line of phono preamps, starting at
     very modest prices.

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       Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado, sponsored by Heirloom Audio

       Mark your calendars:
       French Connections, featuring works by Lully, Rameau, Couperin, Leclair and Montclair. Performances in
       Boulder and Denver, November 14-16, 2008. For details, check out their website at

Favorite Quote from an RMAF 2008 Attendee

       “I lost a couple of audio systems in the stock market.” (The economy from an audiophile’s perspective!)

Heirloom Audio Product Lines

       Aspara Acoustics

       Aspara is relatively unknown in the U.S. We were introduced to Aspara Acoustics HL1 horn speakers at
       RMAF 2007. Generally speaking, we find that many horn speakers have a way of drilling high frequencies
       into one’s ears like lasers. Not so with the Aspara HL1s. Based upon a brief listen at RMAF, we ordered a
       pair to be built and shipped to us. The Aspara HL1s have been a rewarding addition to our showroom.
       There is something very endearing and aesthetically pleasing about this speaker (both musically and
       visually), and their high sensitivity (100dB) opens up exciting possibilities. Someday soon we hope to see
       a formal review of the Aspara HL1 by a top-tier audiophile publication. In the meantime, we are content to
       enjoy their musical prowess here at Heirloom Audio.

       Bel Canto Design

       Bel Canto figured prominently in our demo system at RMAF 2008, providing both our digital (CD2 CD
       player, DAC3) and analog sources (Phono3 phono stage). We employed the latter matched with a Lyra
       Skala to great effect.

       Looking for an awesome phono stage for $1495? Look no further than the Bel Canto Phono3. With 40 or
       60 dB gain settings and adjustable input resistance and capacitance, the Phono3 will accommodate most
       cartridges. Intended to be powered up at all times for peak performance, this ultra-quiet phono stage is a
       transparent window for your LP collection. The icing on the cake: Unlike many phono stages in the
       Phono3’s price range, the Phono3 provides for use of a premium power cord, allowing upgraded
       performance. Bravo, Bel Canto!


       As Heirloom Audio continues to grow and add new product lines, it has been necessary to add more racks.
       Luckily for us, Cambre’ is both affordable and versatile. Cambre’s Core racks are available in many
       different wood finishes and with your choice of either silver or black aluminum rods/feet. Our most recent
       addition is Natural Cherry with Black rods/feet, which turned out to be a nice match for the Aspara horn
       speakers. We are also displaying Black Ash with Silver rods/feet, and Rosewood with Black rods/feet.

       Copland Digital Room Correction

       How does digital room correction sound? Less chaotic, you might be thinking. That may be true, but that’s
       not what hits you. We find that the “live venue” factor goes off the scale when you engage the Copland
       DRC-205 ($2995), and this effect is not subtle. In what other way can you spend this amount of money to
       dramatically upgrade the performance of your whole system? Check out this The Absolute Sound 2007
       Digital Signal Processing Product of the Year winner and be convinced.

       Graham Slee

       An important contribution to our versatile vinyl presentation at RMAF 2008 was the unique “Revelation”
       phono stage from Graham Slee ($1599). Vintage mono LPs (and even some early stereo LPs) can be a

Heirloom Audio, Ltd
962 South Holly Street, Denver, CO 80246
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     discouraging affair, given the lack of a universal standard for equalization that existed pre-RIAA. That’s
     where this handy phono stage comes in, providing adjustable EQ for the most common equalization curves
     of the day. It has 42.5 dB gain, and can be paired with their Elevator EXP for MC mono cartridges such as
     the Lyras.


     The Aragon LP cleaning machine ($3995) is a joy to use, going about its work with the finesse and
     confidence of a well-engineered product. The icing on the cake is its sleek yet functional industrial design –
     just enough bling to be at home in listening room or living room. This Stereophile 2008 Recommended
     Component is a must-have for those of you with large LP collections.

     Yep, we’re spoiled now. The newest member of the Lyra cartridge family is the Skala ($3200), a 5
     generation design from Jonathon Carr. Pictures do not do this milestone in the evolution of phono cartridge
     technology any favors, as in fact it is quite beautiful. The elegantly machined chassis blade (the vertebrae)
     is a marvel to behold, and represents a breakthrough development, strengthening the mechanical bond
     between the cartridge and the headshell of the tonearm. True masters of the “form follows function”
     paradigm, Lyra has taken cartridge design to the next level.


     Many attendees commented about the sonic excellence of our demo system at RMAF 2008.
     Unquestionably, we credit much of that success to having Nordost cabling. Not so long ago, we thought,
     as did many audiophiles, that any cable construction methodology, if executed well, would be about as
     good as any other. It took the insight of a company like Nordost to show us the way to more music by
     minimizing the filtering characteristics of physical cable construction. Each step up in the line brings you
     more musical information by unmasking more and more ambience and presence. Along the way, a
     richness takes residence in each instrument, and you become aware of a deeper intimacy with the
     performance. Less filter…more music. It’s that simple!


     The Absolute Sound: Editors’ Choice Award winner for 2008:
     Nottingham Space 294.

                                                                    Sure, the Space 294 is an awesome
                                                                    turntable, we knew that. Ah, but why not
                                                                    double your fun? This turntable can be
                                                                    configured with two 12-inch tonearms. As we
                                                                    like to call it, the Space 588!

                                                                    To the left is the Space 588, enjoying its U.S.
                                                                    debut at the Heirloom Audio room at RMAF-
                                                                    2008. It is pictured here with the Lyra Skala
                                                                    stereo cartridge and Lyra Dorian Mono

     Quantum Resonant Technology

     We can’t get over the sonic impact of the Quantum power purifiers. The human voice is the greatest
     beneficiary of this wonderful but mysterious technology. Singers are somehow transformed, from sounding

Heirloom Audio, Ltd
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      constipated or depressed or both, to projecting their voices with pride and joy. Bizarre, but real! Electric
      bass acquires greater definition and clarity. A jangley guitar takes on a richness that seems to place the
      player and the guitar amp in the room, instead of merely placing an image at a point in an artificial
      soundstage. Our advice? Don’t be content with someone showing you graphs of their power conditioner at
      work. Trust your ears to hear the difference before and after, because if you can’t, you are just buying an
      expensive power strip in a box.

      Quicksilver Audio

      Quicksilver Audio was well represented at RMAF 2008. Many were amazed at the refined power output
      and firm hand of the Silver 70 monoblocks driving the Reference 3A Grand Veenas. Just a single push-pull
      pair of KT88s for these amps, but they deliver a phenomenal 70 watts! Enough power to drive most
      speakers, they still retain the sweetness and delicacy that make tubes so desirable. Whether you’re
      spinning Christopher Hogwood and the Academy of Ancient music or Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Dani
      California, you’ll get the joyful musical experience they were intended to be with these amps.

      Reference 3A

      The Absolute Sound: Harry Pearson’s Editors’ Choice Award & Golden Ear Award winner for 2008:
             Reference 3A Grand Veena.
      The Absolute Sound: Editors’ Choice Award winner for 2008:
             Reference 3A Dulcet.

      We are excited to report the arrival this week of the latest Reference 3A speaker, the Episode Premium in
      piano gloss, cherry-stained maple. In a word, luscious! We look forward to getting better acquainted with
      the newest member of the Ref 3A family.

      Some of you may recall that Reference 3A pricing changed late in 2007 to Canadian dollars. Due to
      economic pressures, this has now reverted back to pricing in U.S. dollars. Now we can quote retail prices
      without factoring in exchange rates that fluctuate on a daily basis – a definite plus!

                                      Audiophile treasures from:

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          Lyra ▲ Nordost ▲Nottingham Analogue Studio ▲ Quantum ▲ Quicksilver ▲ Reference 3A

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