How to Become a Travel Agent

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					?You want to enter the 7 Trillion Dollar Travel Industry. The opportunity is Your
Travel Biz; it is easy and extremely affordable for the average American.

Your Travel Biz (YTB) is a home-based opportunity that lets individuals start their
own travel companies. The business, the enormous commissions, the discounts and
tax breaks on travel are the fringe benefits that you receive the very first day you start
operating your travel business. There is no probationary period to suffer through to
begin to capitalize on lucrative home-based business benefits. Because of that, the
opportunity for growth is fast and unlimited.

With YTB, which uses a network-marketing business model, you can build a team of
thousands and; although they all will be working for themselves, you will be working
together to achieve success. A network marketing home-based business is so different
from the traditional concept of selling. It is working together in the spirit of
cooperation, the spirit of excellence to achieve success.

Through teams, independent YTB business owners can help each other grow their
businesses by providing support, training, and friends to rely on. In the 7 trillion
dollar travel industry, there is more than enough business to go around.

In the process of building your team, your business will grow as well as your
relationship with your teammates. YTB built its success on the foundation of
relationship marketing with people like you, people who relish a sound financial
future and enjoys traveling. The travel business is a people business. To build your
business, you just go out and find like-minded people.

Whatever your business objective may be, YTB is the bridge to connect you to your
dreams. YTB gives individuals the opportunity to decide how they want to run their
business, by choosing one or combining both of the company's income-earning
options. You can work your business both ways: through your own travel site where
people can book flights, hotels, and other travel necessities and by helping others set
up their own YTB travel sites.
 You can literally become your own neighborhood travel agent. You will make money
as family and friends book travel. You will also receive discounts on your own travel.

Eighty percent of travel is based on a recommendation from a friend or someone we
trust. If we know someone that went somewhere and had a great time, people want to
experience that too. By owning your home-based travel business, you get to travel
more often, and to more places. There is also the opportunity for tax deductions when
travel is your business.

In everything, there are rules you have to follow and there are rules in YTB. You have
to keep the proper documentation; but its exciting to know that every time you take a
trip, you're enhancing your business success.
Join me at to learn more about home-based business
opportunities, YTB and its commission scale, bonuses, discount travel, and flexible
work schedules. Our team members are helping each other every step of the way. I
will see you there!

Your Travel Biz gives you the opportunity to travel the world while putting money
back in your pocket. Do you what to earn additional income and have fun doing it.
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