How To Become A Domestic Energy Assessor by gyvwpsjkko


									?There are two parts to qualifying as a domestic energy assessor in the UK. The first
is assessment, the second is training. Both are provided by the NHER. Lets take a
look at what is involved in the assessment of domestic energy assessor candidates.

Called the ABBE Level 3 domestic energy assessor diploma, the certification is a
brand new part of qualifying. This requirement to become a domestic energy assessor
became available at the end of 2006, as part of the about-to-be-implemented home
sale regulations on energy performance compliance. Considered a vocational related
qualification (VRQ), it is based on competence.

A would-be domestic energy assessor would achieve this diploma through not only
assessment but examination as well. The UK government puts out a National
Occupational Standards report, which spells out what a domestic energy assessor
candidate would need to do to achieve this diploma.

There are 5 categories of compliance with domestic energy assessor National
Occupational Standards. The first category is to work in a professional and effective
manner, which would be both assessed and tested. The three parts to this category
include the development and maintenance of effective work relationships with
coworkers, consumers, vendors and other interested parties.

This category also includes proof that the candidate can manage her or his own
resources and time well, that he or she is engaged in self-improvement in work areas,
and conducts her or himself in an ethical and professional manner always.

The second category of compliance, for determination of domestic energy assessor
qualification, is a look at whether the candidate is prepared for the energy assessment.
She or he must agree with and confirm the instruction that must be undertaken for the
assessment and must be prepared to conduct relevant inquiries about the property.

The actual performance of energy assessment practices and procedures falls into the
third category. Here is where the candidates ability to adequately inspect property and
determine the performance of its energy and to record the findings of her or his
inspection are assessed.

The fourth and final category of compliance to the standards for domestic energy
assessors is the ability of the candidate to produce and explain the required energy
performance certificates (EPC.) Include in this category are the specifics of produce
the EPC document, issuing it for the homeowner and explaining what is contained

A government regulated UK assessment center is tasked with determining if a
candidate qualifies as a domestic energy assessor. The center must ensure that the
candidate has obtained the necessary level of energy-efficiency knowledge and skills.
This is determined by the energy courses the candidate has completed, and the
portfolio of evidence presented that the candidate has performed EPC assessments
adequately. The candidate may be instructed to train further, or may be found ready to
take the ABBE exam that will certify him or her as a domestic energy assessor.
James Copper is a Career Advisor from the UK. He helps people retrain as a Energy
Assessor by taking a Energy Training Course.

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