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Relaxation Tips for Stressful Times by mikesanye


									                Relaxation Tips for Stressful Times
 Deep breathing has been shown to reduce stress and create a feeling of
  calm and peace within. Some people call deep breathing meditation.
  Whatever you call it, practicing deep breathing will yield great benefit.

 The best way to start deep breathing strategies is at night when you are
lying in bed. Place one hand on your chest a few inches below your collar
bone and one hand on your diaphragm or stomach where your ribs come
 together. Pay attention to which hand is moving when you breathe. The
hand on your diaphragm or stomach should be moving the most with little
movement on your chest. If you notice your hand on your chest is moving
the most, take a deep breath in to the count of four and then exhale to the
  count of eight. This should switch your breathing to your diaphragm or
  stomach. Now practice breathing in to the count of three and out to the
                  count of three. This is normal breathing.

  Once you have mastered this breathing technique lying down with your
hands in place and then with your hand by your side, practice doing it while
                       you are sitting and walking.

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