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									Brand Yatra II – Non-Aerated Fruit
                     Strong shift of demand since 2003 towards
                      non-carbonated drinks
Category Overview
                     Growth of fruit juices within the country from
                      2001 to 2006 was 3.43%

                     Bottled water has undergone the most
                      significant growth of non-carbonated drinks
                      with volumes up by 13.74% between 2001 and

                     Market breakup in 2010
                      Approximately Rs 7,400 crore beverages
                      market in terms of value may have CSDs
                      commanding a 85 % (Rs 6,200 crore) share,
                      and the non CSD’s have clocked an impressive
                      30% year-on-year growth over past few years
                      compared to around 6%-7 % growth by the
                      CSD segment.
                  Category Evolution Timeline
   First non                     Slice by Pepsi co                            The Latest addition
aerated drink                    was introduced                                to the category is
                                    in 1993 as a                                Nimbu Fresh by
     to be                                                                     Coca Cola. It was
 launched in                         refreshing
                                   mango drink                                launched in March
  India was                       which went on                                2010 to compete
Maaza. It was                     to become the                                 with the already
 launched in                       leader of this                            existing lemon drink
     1976.                            category                                  in this category.

                Next addition                         With 3 mango fruit
                     in this                         drinks present in the
                 category was                            category, next
                    Frooti, in                           product to be
                 1985. It was                            launched was
                introduced in                        Nimbooz, a packaged
                   innovative                          lemonade. It was
                  tetra packs.                       launched in Feb 2009
                       Brand/Price Wars
Between Nimbooz and Nimbu Fresh:

•To compete with Pepsi co’s Nimbooz, Minute Maid Nimbu fresh
launched after a year
•Nimbu Fresh introduces 400 ml pack for Rs 15 while Nimbooz gives 350
ml pack for Rs 15.

Between Mango Drinks (Slice, Frooti, Maaza):

•Frooti introduced a 65ml pack for Rs 2.5 apart from its normal 200ml
tetra pack to attract kids.
•Frooti’s and Maaza’s 200 ml tetra pack costs Rs10 while that of Slice is of
Rs10. A major setback for slice.
•Frooti introduced 2litre bottle. An innovative concept. Its cost is Rs 53.
Neither Maaza nor Slice has such packaging. Maaza’s 1.2litre bottle costs
Rs 55 .
                Comparison of Positioning

•Slice – stresses on indulgence. Present campaign is “Pure mango pleasure –

•Maaza – claims to be ultimate and only way to quench thirst for mangoes,
“bujhao aam ki pyaas”

•Nimbooz – emphasizes on being authentic lemon. Also stresses on its Indian

•Nimboo Fresh – plays the emotional connect card; current campaign is “Bilkul
Ghar Jaisa”

•Frooti – Uses brand heritage to position itself as the first and real mango drink.
Present campaign built around “Why Grow Up?”
Perceptual map for the brands


              Perceptual Map Of Clusters


Nimbu Fresh
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