How to Attract and Retain Customers

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					?How to Attract and Retain More Customers

Whether your business model is to sell a lot of products to a few customers, a few
products to a few customers, a lot of products to a lot of customers, or a few products
to a lot of customers, you'll need two things: products (and/or services), and

Of the two, which is more important? Products or customers?

Obviously, you'll have no business if there are no customers. Yet,
with all the competitors out there, it's increasingly tough to attract and retain

You need different strategies for attraction of customers, than
you do for retention of customers. In all cases, however, you'll need to show the value
of your products to the prospect, customer or repeat customer.

If you want customers for life, the following process may be of
tremendous value:
First, find out what the prospect is looking for.
Second, show the prospect how you meet his or her needs.
Third, make it easy for the customer to buy.
Fourth, follow up with the customer to ensure the needs have been met.
Fifth, continue with the relationship to ensure the customer can
express their needs in an open and honest dialog.
Sixth, continue to add value to the relationship between your
company and the customer.
Seventh, continue to make it easy for the customer to buy more

In today's networking age, it is extremely easy to connect to lots of people. The trick,
however, is in adding value to the relationship.

How can you add value to a relationship so that the client wants to
continue to do business with your company, rather than jumping to
the lowest bidder?

The first thing to do is to let new customers know that their purchase is part of a
process. A travel company, for instance, could follow up on a sale of a travel package
with an email or letter explaining the customs of the local people, or places in town
clients could get needles before traveling. You can either post the information on your
own website, or place links to other websites.

Often, a simple checklist that agents can use to discuss with clients can help
determine in advance what a new client values.
Another idea for client retention would be to communicate regularly with previous
clients, current clients and solid prospects. Again, this communication should hold at
its core to add value to the relationship between the client and the company. This
communication could be through a newsletter, hand-written notes, or a personalized
version of the newsletter which addresses what the client values most.

Customers are everywhere, but loyal customers are harder to find.
Stay loyal to your customers, and you'll significantly increase the
likelihood that they'll stay loyal to you.