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                       'POLO is popularly described as a
Brand Overview
                         A Polo is approximately 1.9 cm in
POLO “The mint with
the hole”                 diameter, 0.4 cm deep and has a
                          0.8 cm wide hole
                         It is unique in the category – „The
                          Mint with the hole'
                         38 million Polo‟s are produced
                          every day
                         Polo‟s name is derived from the
                          word ‟Polar‟
                             Brand Evolution Timeline

                                                                     1944– Nestle
                                      1988--                            tried to                          default2004---
                                   Rowtree‟s was                    trademark the                            Lost the
 1948-- Polo                       taken over by                     shape of polo                          trademark
 mint‟s were                       Nestle hence                     but resisted by                       quest of POLO
introduced by                       POLO now                        Krafts food and                       in High Court
   Rowtree                         Nestle brand                        Mars US                                 India

                1955– The hole                     1994 ---- POLO                      2002--Nestle
                was introduced                       launched in                        introduced
                  at its center.                        India                             metallic
                                                                                       wrappers and
                                                                                        graphics on
                                                                                      packs, as well as
                                                                                       adding bigger
                                                                                       multipacks to
                                                                                         the range
                  Hole in the middle of the mint
Brand Elements
                  Polo the mint with the hole.
               Smart advertising and strong
                promotion helped in positioning
Positioning     the product.
               Market leader in its adult
                confectionary market.
Target Market     It targets the adult confectionery
 CONFECTIONERY    Available at all the roadside
                   smoking spots.
             Nestle introduced metallic
              wrappers and contemporary
Packaging     graphics on packs in 2002
             2002 bigger multipacks to the
              range are added
           Available in different packings in
          Rs.5, Rs.2 ,Rs.1.
                Nestle has parallel networks
Distribution    around the country

                Network also include cold storage

                Nestle uses its network to send
                polo across the country.
             Latest TV AD Campaign
            -” What‟s the story of your hole?”
            Polo appreciated by different
            professionals in latest ad campaign
StoryBoard of an
ad from the latest
Ex: on the right