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How to Ace the Greatest Weakness Interview Question- by gyvwpsjkko


									?Why do employers always ask the "greatest weakness" interview question? It seems
like they are trying to throw you off. I mean, you rehearse the answer to every
possible question that you can think of, and then they ask, "What do you think your
greatest weakness is?"

Job interviews are stressful even if you don't have to answer this question. Regardless,
interviews and tough questions are an integral part of career advancement, and you
NEED to be able to ace them or you will find yourself stuck in a dead end job. Before
you answer this question, you should know that there is no easy answer for it. The
intent of this question is to throw you off course. The key is to not let them get away
with it.

Be Prepared

A successful interview is dependent on good preparation. Learn as much as you can
about the employer you are interviewing with. Study up on their people and their
services. If you know who you're dealing with, you will be less likely to become
uneasy during the interview process.

Be prepared for difficult questions including the "greatest weakness" interview

Questions are meant to poke deep and reveal your weaknesses. Do not fake your way
through tough questions. This will give employers the feeling that you will cheat and
fake on the job when you are over stressed.

Short and Simple

The best way to answer any interview question is to answer it honestly and with as
little fluff as possible. If an employer asks you what your greatest weakness is, you
can state a weakness that you were able to overcome with your last job. You could
even bring up a personal weakness not related to your ability to perform as an

The worst thing that you could possibly say is that you are fault free. We are all
human. Instead of claiming to be superhuman, use an example that shows how you
were able to take a weakness and turn it into strength. This will make you sound
resourceful and sure of yourself. It will also show employers that you are not afraid to
admit your own weaknesses and work to improve them.

Being prepared to answer the "greatest weakness" interview question and other tough
questions is the key to interview success. Always try to turn negative answers into
positive solutions. This will impress your potential boss and may even land you the

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