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How the Fake Internet Gurus Make Millions

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					?Internet gurus are basically the same. They all claim to know the shortcuts to success.
And the people believe them because these gurus make millions and they don't.
However, the truth of the matter is that these gurus only try to manipulate the desires
of the people. For instance, a lot of people search for ways on how to make money.
The gurus will, then, take advantage of this fact. So, they will lure the people into
signing up for their websites for little or no amount at all. They will promise to help
these people earn money fast. Then, they will eventually sell products to their

Most of these products are electronic books or compact disks that are supposed to
show how the gurus make millions easily. What the gurus will do is to provide every
subscriber with a glimpse of the contents of the electronic book or the compact disk.
Of course, they will give out some useful tips but they will leave the subscribers
curious for the next step. Such subscribers will, then, have no other choice but to
purchase the product because they are eager to earn more money.

However, plenty of such products are not very helpful. The information they provide
are not essential. They are simply tools to help the gurus make millions. That is why
people should be aware that not every product that claims to work is effective. While
there are some real gurus, there are also phonies. Most of the self-proclaimed gurus
are scammers, and they are using the people's desire for money to make money.

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