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How the Business World Has Changed Through Digital Printing


									?No matter what size your business is, getting some good and creative business cards
printed up will make your company's goods and/or services more memorable to the
people you hand out your business cards to. Every business that is running in the
world today could benefit to a great extent from Printing Services. The most excellent
thing about owning and advertising a business in this day and age is that you can
advertise for a lot less than you could have a few years ago before the advent of
digital printing.

A few years ago you had to send everything to the printer, which could end up costing
you quite a bit of money several times per year. Digital printing has changed all that
and this new industry has greatly changed the way people run their businesses.
Currently, with digital printing devices such as ink jet and laser printers that come
fully equipped to handle many types of paper and printing jobs, you can save yourself
and your business a few dollars each year by printing your required documents on
your own.

For speed a laser printer would be the best digital printing choice for a business.
Particularly if there is the need to print out a lot of documents. Laser printers
characteristically give at least fifteen hundred printed sheets per toner cartridge, and
these types of cartridges do not dry up over time as ink jet ones tend to do. If your
business needs to do a lot of full color printing, there are color laser printers available,
but they cost quite a bit more than the more common black and white lasers. Laser
printer prices generally start at eighty dollars and go up from there, with the color
ones coming in at around two to six hundred dollars apiece! The consumables for
these printers also costs around eighty dollars.

If you don't need a laser printer, ink jet printers are a lot cheaper, and their ink refills
also cost considerably less than toner does. If you are going to be printing color then
ink jet is probably the best option. If your company requires less digital printing than
the standard business, and it also needs more color prints, then I would advocate
buying an ink jet printer for your digital printing services. There are many brands
available, and they all cast about the same price - about forty to two hundred dollars.
Most stores have great sales on inkjet printers many times throughout the year, so be
on the lookout for price reductions.

The biggest differences between laser and ink jet printers are the speed at which they
digitally produce documents and of course, the amount they cost. The ink jet printers
are considerably slower at printing than the lasers. A laser printer is so fast it will have
your document to you in the time it takes you to turn from the computer to the printer.

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