Ryan Huddleston by pengtt


									                                                                          Ryan Huddleston
                                                                                  WR 121
                                                                             June 26, 2005


   1. Trip to six flags, cruise to Bahamas, Mexico, Las Vegas, Thanksgiving at Rays,

       Expo, Buying my car.

   2. Why so much homework and not more tests? What is with all of these new

       horrible reality shows? Why don’t they change the name of Fear Factor to Gross

       Factor? Why to people have so many physical expectations over each other? How

       many more people can Jesus save in those bathroom stalls? Why are the Air

       Jordan’s consistanly the ugliest shoes on the market? How accurate is that

       McDonalds burger counter? How can Brett Farve throw a football 75 yards?

Fastwriting Prompts

   1. I remember when the Jordan’s started to get ugly. It was about 1992, and Nike

       came out with a pair of sneakers that were about 10 different colors. Greens, reds,

       oranges, yellows, blues; just a myrid of colors that didn’t really go togther yet

       Nike thought that they could make it work. Amazingly, I bought a pair of them I

       liked them at first, but after a while, I realized how ugly and gross they were. This

       trend continued for some time. Up until he retired, his shoes were quite ugly.

   2. My dream now is to become a very successful business person. I hope to be

       working for a good company that treats me and my family well so I can support

       my family the way I see fit. I got this dream a few years ago while I was working
in a restaurant. I was getting commeneted on how well I work with people and I

was looking for some direction after throwing my programming thoughts aside. I

started thinking about what people were saying to me and I discovered my

potential as a good speaker. I believe I can achieve this goal because of who I am

and the way I conduct myself. I am very comfortable around people I don’t know

and I can use this to my advantage when I am working for someone.

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