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					?There are some common problems that every shopping cart owner face like the
ecommerce solution is suitable for the business or not. The features of software
should match the software of business. These types of problems are faced by various
shopping carts. There is no universal ecommerce shopping cart software to fit every
requirement of every online business owner so the X- Cart provides optimal solution
for most. It is based on PHP Smarty templates and very flexible and easy to modify.
In this software the data is stored on MySQL database. X-Cart is a turnkey package.
Installation is handled by web-based step-by-step wizard to make the system running
immediately after receiving it. This ecommerce solution is search engine friendly and
integrated HTML catalog functionality to gain benefits of dynamic content. It has two
versions that is X-Cart Gold and X-Cart Pro.

X-Cart Gold

It is a time proved shopping cart software and used by various business owners al
over the world. The maintenance and set up of the software is easy because of its web
based administrator area. The feel, look and functionality of the software can be
modified according to the needs of the business because it is a template based
software with open source code. It has no logic limitations on number of products.


1. Setup and Support

a. No programming required
b. Complete store-builder package
c. Web-based installation wizard
d. Built-in self-upgrade engine
e. Out-of-the-box storefront system

2. Product Catalog

a. Unlimited number of categories
b. Unlimited category nesting
c. Unlimited number of products
d. Related products, up selling and cross selling
e. Products can be assigned to unlimited number of categories

3. Database and Platform Compatibility

a. Open source PHP code
b. Powered by MySQL database
c. Support for UNIX/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X servers
d. Multi-lingual products
e. Multi-lingual categories

Price- $199 and price include full source code and single domain license.

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