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									?Tracy Monteforte and Patrick Monteforte started WT Powers back in 2001. I
remember back in 2002 in my Life Force days I joined their program for targeted
leads and to earn some extra cash. I must say the leads at that time were great as I'm
sure they are now, and I was able to pull in some pretty big paychecks with these as
well. Thousands of individuals from hundreds of different MLM Companies have
joined this program and many have been able to build a successful MLM Enterprise
using these Network Marketing Leads.

The WT Powers system uses the concept of team leverage to negation bulk deals on
MLM Leads that the average person couldn't acquire themselves. Think about it for a
second. If 1000 people were paying per month for leads and Tracy or Patrick
Monteforte went up to one of the biggest lead companies in the world and said, "Hey,
I have a ton of money for leads every month, think you can give me serious price
breaks"? What do you think they would say? Yes unless of course they have a hole in
their head, or maybe a serious hole in their wallet if they said no.

WT Powers has several MLM Lead Packages catered to anyones budget. The
company gets these leads from the largest distributors for MLM Leads in the world
and gets these Prospect Leads cheaper than you or I could hope to get them for. Then
they pass the profit onto the people who join their program. They even have an
auto-ship plan that is designed to save you 27% each month. Ellen Gramme, IL
testified on their website that he had 5 people in his companies pipeline after just
making eleven Prospect Calls.

Another cool feature WT Powers offers is special software for importing MLM Leads
you purchased from another company. You can used their software for sending out
offers to these MLM Prospects. They call it a Lead Mapping Tool which is supposed
to simplify this process a great deal.

This companies concept of success is to create an affiliate check with them, and use
this check to roll back into their program which will pay for all your leads. Then
you're consistently building a bigger MLM Business month after month using the
leads that they give you and the more people you bring into their program of course
the more money you will earn. The company also offers a free newsletter and I did see
Live Support on their website as well.

WT Powers does pay a generous 35% commission on each person you bring into the
program. They also offer a certain percentage of commissions up to six levels deep.
As a Pro Member you will earn double commissions on all fronts when compared to
what a Basic member would earn. Basic membership is free and as a basic member
you will only be eligible to earn first level commissions from your efforts. They even
have an income calculator you can check out once you visit your site, so you can
compare the benefits of being a Pro verses being a Basic member.
On a more personal note, I have insider information that Tracy and Patrick Monteforte
attend the MLM Cruise which is held in the later part of each year, with people like
Brian McMullen, Shannon Denniston, Rod Cook, Dale Calvert and other top MLM
Pros. Can't wait until I'm able to attend this every year myself. I see WT Powers as an
established MLM Company and have no problems giving this one a green light.

WT Powers Income Opportunity

The WT Powers income opportunity is huge because you have access to so many
tools and resources which ensure your success. You can have access to state-of-the-art
websites, marketing tools, and business management tools.

The websites that you can have access to include a professional website that can be
personalized just for you. You can send your prospects to the site and WT Powers will
do all of the selling for you. You can take advantage of an HTML website that can act
as a gathering page for all of your prospects and have instant notifications when
prospects fill out your forms. This lead generator is in real-time.

You also have the opportunity to choose from flash sites that are professional and
catchy. You can increase your Internet exposure by using over 50 landing pages for
prospects to enter their personal information. This allows you to build a very large
contact list. You can also access a member's only site for resources to information and
solutions you might need at your fingertips.

You can also have access to an email broadcaster that will contact your leads for you
by clicking on a mouse. You can send emails in plain text and html so they are
compatible with everyone's email solutions. Customizable responders are solutions
also so when someone sends an email, they are not feeling neglected as a customer
because you respond to all of your emails. These responders can be customized and
personalized with the customer's name in it too.

A search engine submitter requires no experience to get this working properly and you
can get a web site ranking in most search engine listings. This will give you mounds
of fresh leads that are fully qualified to work with.

WT Powers also offers mirror pages to people who are members with them. These
pages allow your sites to be indexed by the major search engines and then they are
searchable by keywords. This means you will have more traffic to your website by
relevant keywords related to your product.

The newsletter builder is very important and WT Powers encourage all people to use
this. This is great to send out to your contacts a newsletter about current things that
are going on with the company and keep them up-to-date about all issues. You can
also send out coupons and discounts that people are sure to respond to through your

WT Powers also offers business management tools for you to be successful with your
business also. You can enjoy a virtual office that automatically sorts and stores all of
your contacts data and builds your database for you. You can access a contact
management program, an email campaign manager, internet power tools box, and

The WT Powers income opportunity is something that no one who wants to have their
own business should pass up. This is an opportunity that includes many resources
available for the benefit of your company. These resources almost make it impossible
for you to fail.

Go Here And start your business today

Derek Jamieson
skype: jamiesonbiz

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