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Writing Copy that Sells


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The most effective way to write copy that sells is to explain how the product or
service can benefit the customer. Customers buy benefits not features, and in most
cases they can go to any online site or retail store to purchase that product or service.
Therefore, you have to stand out from the competition.

Know Your Target Audience
In order to write effective copy you need to know who your target audience is.
Are you advertising to teenagers, housewives or engineers? The language and style
you portray will be very different for each. Then write as if you were talking to them.

Differentiate Yourself
There are numerous products claiming the same results and many stores selling the
same products. Good copy will set you apart from your competitors and will convince
customers that your product or store is better than anyone else's.

For example, there are many golf stores, but not all of them have indoor simulators,
fitting, regripping, lessons, etc. To set yourself apart from the competition, these
services should be stated as to why your store is the place to shop for all of their golf

The AIDA Formula
The AIDA is a copywriting formula used to create motivating copy: Attention, Interest,
Desire, and Action.

1. Attention
Headlines grabbing headlines are one of the most important pieces of your ad.
Effective headlines draw the reader into the copy; poor headlines lose the reader to
someone else's ad.

The headline should express how it benefits the customer. Some effective headlines

How to save money on your heating bill
Know the secret to chewy fudge-like brownies
Lose 15 pounds in the next 30 days using our fitness machine

2. Interest
Highlight Benefits, Not Features. Write copy with your customers needs in mind.
Customers want to know how your product or service benefits them, and why they
should go to you instead of your competitors.

Before you create your ad make a list of the product or service features. Then write
the benefits. These should be the focus of your ad. Remember, customers buy benefits,
not features.

3. Desire
Make your offer irresistible. For example:

Add a complimentary product for immediately ordering
Offer an introductory price. Be sure to tell them the price only lasts for a specific
amount of time.
Provide free shipping (for a specific amount of time)
Create a fear of loss such as ‘while supplies last' or ‘first 50 customers through the
door receive a free product', etc.

4. Action
Use a call-to-action. Tell your customers what's the next step. For example:

Call 555-555-5555 today to order or to make an appointment
Visit our website at
Bring in this coupon by 12/31/09 to (store name) to receive $25 off your next

Sell it to Yourself
Last but not least, sell it to yourself. Ask if I was the reader, would I be persuaded to
buy the product or service?

Find your best copywriting skills today.

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