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					?A perfect CV and cover letter is what distinguishes a successful job applicant from
others. In today's competitive job market, it is the best way to sell your potential to the
possible employer. You may have more potential than other candidates so it is
important that you demonstrate your suitability to the job vacancy in an appropriate
and efficient manner. A perfect CV with an equally complimenting cover letter can do
this for you.

The cover letter accompanies each CV or resume that you send to an employer. It is
usually the first contact that you make with an employer and thus it is essential in
determining a good first impression on the potential employer. You should devote
sufficient time and effort towards writing the cover letter with CV. You can take the
help of

- Application Letter: When letter is sent in response to a job vacancy.

- Prospecting Letter: When letter is sent in order to enquire about a possible position.

- Networking Letter: When letter is sent to request information and assistance in job

While writing your cover letter it is important that you organize it into three parts:

- Why you are writing? This section describes your intention towards writing the letter.
In case of an application letter it is important that you specify the mode through which
you came to know about the job like some mutual contact. Also mention the job for
which you are applying.

- What you can offer? In this section provide a brief summary of skills, experience
and qualifications that demonstrate your suitability towards the job. It describes what
you can contribute to the employer as an employee.

- How to follow up? It is the space where you can thank the employer for considering
you for the post and provide information on how you will follow up.

Writing a cover letter for your CV is quite a difficult task but with an appropriate
learning approach and practice you can soon become a master. It is important that you
cover letter interprets your CV in a concise way adding a personal touch to it which
helps in customizing the job application letter as per job requirements.