Worried About The Usana Scam- Is Usana A Reliable MLM Business- by bnmbgtrtr52


									?Wherever there is an MLM business, there are the scam rumors, so you would
probably like to know the objective truth about Usana. This is a review meant to help
you make a decision, and since I'm not part of Usana, you should know you can
expect an unbiased analysis.

A lot of the bad reputation was given to network marketing by the companies that
promised to be the next great thing and then went out of business instead, leaving
thousands and thousands of representatives frustrated and hell-bent on avoiding
MLM's for the rest of their lives.

Not the case here, Usana is No Scam! Eighteen years after its emergence on the
market of nutritional supplements and personal care products, Usana has been
developing and making a name for itself as a reliable business. Its successes have
earned Usana a number of worldwide honors, including being listed on Forbes' list of
the 200 Best Small Companies for 3 consecutive years, while its representatives all
over the world have made over $1 billion from commissions.

As a part of their global expansion, Usana recently acquired BabyCare Ltd, a very
important Chinese direct selling company with the declared purpose of getting to
know more about the behavior of the biggest market in the world. It is clear to see that
this business will see even greater growth in the years to come.

Usana - The Income Potential

There is a very small initial investment, the purchase of the Usana Business
Development System at around $30. The product array includes nutritional chocolate
bars, antioxidant tablets and hydrating emulsions.

On to the compensation plan, which is a binary one: Usana Business offers the chance
of earning 6 distinct types of bonuses. Their system revolves around what they call
"business centers" and each distributor needs to gather 150 points in Personal Sales
Volume in order to activate one of these business centers and qualify for receiving

Maxing out a Business Center for 4 weeks in a row earns you the title of Usana Gold
Director, and such representatives make on average $91,800 per year. Recent statistics
show that 130 representatives are part of what Usana people call their Million Dollar

So having success with Usana is simple, right?

Your basic requirements for success are, at least in theory, determination and two
more team members who are equally intent on making it big.
But the fact is that only a very small percentage manage to achieve the desired
prosperity with Usana. That is not to blame on the company policy, but on people's
own lack of knowledge required to succeed.

My way of seeing things is: you can try running after people to join your business all
your life OR you can switch to the internet and find out about how attraction
marketing works.

Attraction, where does that fit into my Usana business???

Well you could continue the hunt for new prospects to add to your Usana team,
though chances are you're already tired of that But how about a different tactic: make
people WANT to come to you by becoming that leader they have been waiting for to
show them the way.

The internet is all about exposure. If in real life you can only meet around ten new
people daily, online you can reach hundreds, if not thousands of people daily, and the
best part is they are likely to be looking for the exact opportunity that you're offering!

This article demolishes the myth about the Usana Scam that some people are worried
about. George Tiganus is an experienced internet marketer who specializes on MLM
Training to help people learn how to become successful using just a few simple
marketing techniques.

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