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How Not To Get A Job


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									?There is plenty of advice online about what you should do to give you the best
chance of getting a job, or the one that you really want. But on the other side of this
coin, there are plenty of things that you shouldn't do if you want to get it!
As a recruitment consultant of over four years, I have a experienced many bizarre and
amusing things when looking to fill my vacancies, the below are all real examples and
by those who could even be considered to be intelligent!

First of all, lets focus on your CV, your first and only opportunity to sell yourself to
get through to the interview phase.

Photos On Your CV
This common European trend has slowly but surely crept into the UK. Lets be clear
on this, a photo is neither expected nor required to be on your CV in the UK. If
anything, including this will do you more harm than good. Even if you are particularly
pleasing on the eye, you may only achieve at making your potential employer think
that you're expecting to land the job on the basis of your features!

Irrelevant Personal Information
Yes, you need to put a certain amount of your person information on your CV.
Information such as your name, address and contact details will be included, however
be aware that too much information can be given. I'm refereeing to extra details such
as if your married, the amount of children they have and even their interests! You may
be very proud that little Johnny can swim, but it won't help you get a job and all it will
do is eat away at your potential new employer's attention span!

Whether or not to include your Marital Status is a contentious issue, as it has often
been considered to be a standard piece of information to include on your CV.
However it should not be relevant to your ability to perform a role and therefore not
part of recruitment decisions.

While we are on the subject of CVs, NEVER type all block capitals.

The Interview
Having got to the interview stage, you don't want to ruin your chances by doing things
that can easily be avoided.

Arrive On Time:
First thing is first, arrive early, be punctual. Never turn up late as it creates a terrible
impression of you. If you are early, you may be able to get a cup of tea or coffee while
you wait!

Mobile Phones:
Make sure your beloved mobile phone is switched off! If your phone does ring in an
interview, you should not answer it under any circumstances.

What To Wear
Interviews are a formal event, regardless of the time, location or for the position
advertised unless it is specifically stated that it isn't. You can save an hour or so by
turning up in your street clothes for an interview as you will be promptly turned away!
You should be looking to create a good impression, wear your best business attire
every time.

Arranging your interviews close together
You should always be aware that interviews can begin late, or over run. Do not
arrange interviews to close to each other, if you are seen to be a clock watcher during
your interview, it is obvious that you have arranged more for that day. Requesting to
end an interview on the basis that you need to attend another one will also mean the
end of your chances of getting that job!

There you have it, a guide at what to avoid doing if you want to get that dream job, or
any job that you are trying to get. They may appear obvious and they could have been
done due to a lack of practical thinking! However, a job interview could change the
direction of your life completely, treat it with the seriousness it deserves.

This article is written by Jonathan Walker of Recruitment Vacancies

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