Group Personal Accident Insurance by suchenfz


Oval InsuranceBroking Ltd
GroupPersonal      Insurance


        lssuing Brok6r                      Oval Insurance     Ltd

                 No.                        OGA 45006 T
        Assured                                   &
                                            Penarth DinasRunners

        Pedodof Insurancefrom        ldApril2OlO to 31dl4arch2Oll irdusjve
        (and/or such
              for         period(s)as bemutually
                    further        may               between Underwrit€rs theAssured)
                                                agreed     the          and

        DatoCertificateprepared                    April2010

        Premium e232.00               IPT   €11.60        Total    €21|i}.60

        COVERB                 Ben6fit3applicableltem6 l-9 as attachedschoduleofcomp€nsation.


This is lo Ce.tify that in accddance tlE auhdisalim granted
                                    wih                        urd€r Conlradtb. RSB3O02 f|6 abovenan€d tssling
Eroker cabin UndsMiters llayd'swlb6er€mes,whidrwillbesjppliedon appli:alion, beasc€rtain€d d€.rnce to tie
                            at                                                     may               by
saidCor rad \ ,+*$ b€ats s€elof t'e Uoyd's
                        the                fuicrySigningOffce,ard in corBid€ralir cf tre prsniumsp€cjfid lEdn, f€ said
Lhd€i\,Yiters he€bry
           a€         bctlnd€achfd hisor.rpctardrd fttu aEfs, tlE H€is, Egltc and   A,lniis8abs. hdqffitu Asr€d lofE
                                                                                                tr       fE
ed€ntandh the ffi   detal€dhadl.

 In Witneas Whereof thisCertific€le b€ensigned
                                  has        oni

 Dato: 20 April2010

                                                                      oval Personal      I
                                                                                  Acclden andTravetts divtston
                                                                                                     a       of
                                                                      oval Insuranc€
                                                                      Reglstered      9
                                                                                Office: souih Paracte,
                                                                      Reglstered Engtand 01195184
                                                                                 in       No:
                                                                      Authorised regulated theby
                                                                      Financia        authoritY
                                                                             I servlces
GroupPersonal      Insurance
                                             I n s u rln g Cla u s e
The Underwritersagreeto pay in accordancewith the Scheduleof Benefitsifduringthe Peiod of Insu|ance
the nsuredPerson                                              subject
                 slstainsAccidenlaBodilyInjuryas defned herein,             to
                                                                     always lhe lerms conditions,
Drov     limitations exclusions
    sions.         and          hereol
                                         S c h e d u le o f B e n e f it s
                        insures those
           Ths Certificate    on         that  an
                                     ltems have amountentered instthem.

1. Death..........................                                               )
2. Lossot one |imb..,...                                                         )
3. Totaland irrecoverable of sightof one eye-------.-----.-----.--.              ) as perSchedule of
4. Lossof tlvo limbs....                                                         ) Benefits attached
5. Totalandirecoverable   lossofsight of botheyes--.-.,-.-........................
6. Lossofone limb andTotalandirrecoverable ofsightofone eye.... )
7. Permanent  TolalDisab|ement.......................                            )

8.          Total
     Temporary Disablement                                                     ) as perSchedule of
     Temporary    Disablement                                                  ) Benefits attached

Compensation respect ltems8 or I shaI be payable slch period periods
            in       of                        for          or       during      the
                                                                            whrch Insured
Personshallbe disabled to but not beyond108weeksfromthe dateon whichhe frst becomes
                     up                                                            disabed
excluding frct 4 weeksof disabement.
llem8 andI shall be payable Insured
               not        lo      Persons
                                        agedunder years ageor Insured
                                                16    oI            Percons arenotin

MedicalExpens$, in excessof any other valid or collectableinsurance,incuned in respectol ltems 'l to 9
Upto €50per11,000 theBenefit
                 of                paid
                            Amount or 15% thetotal
                                                of               paid
                                                           amount under         8                B
                                                                          ltems or 9, whichever the
      subject a maximum €'1
            io         of ,000

                              l n s u r e dPe r so n s& Op e r a tive im e

                      All membersof the Clubswho have ioinedthe scheme.

                                        Operative Time
(A)     Travellingto and from, and participatingin athletics at any meeting organised by or
        recognisedby UK AthleticsLtd, includingtravellingdirectlyto and from meetings.
(B)     Travellingto and lrom, and participalingin any training Bessionorganisedby the Group
        Policyholderand / or UK Athletics Ltd, includingtravelling directly lo and from training

Age limitsare subject a minimum yearsto 80 yearsbutreduced 70 yearsfor anyathlete
                    to         5                         to                      rn

                     AircraftAccumulation                    Limit Anv OneAccidenl
                                         Limit &./orOccurrence

 n respect Insured Persons            in                      any
                             travelling the samea rcrafland/or oneoccuffence, Underwr
                                                                           the      terc'tolalliablliiy
 shallnol exceed all lhe following . .. .. .. . . .. .!2,000,000
  n the evenlof an aircraft          limil
                          accumulation and/or          limit
                                              occurrence exceeding lgure, lhe UndeMriterc' ity in
                                                                       this                     liabi
 respect oieach lnsured       shallbeproportionately
                         Person                   rcducedunlillheirlolal liablitydoesnotexceed saidlrmit


                               of       and SumsInsured
                        Schedule Benefits
                                                     18 yearsol ageor over   Under18 yearsof age
Item1  Accidenta Death                               t25,000                 €2,500
item2  Lossofone Limb                                !25,000                 €2,500
Item3  Totalandirrecoverable of sightofone Eye
                           loss                      €25,000                 €2,500
item4  Lossoflwo Limbs                               t25,000                 €2,500
Item5  Totalandirrecoverable of sightof bothEyes
                           loss                      !25,000                 €2,500
Itern6 Lossoione LimbandTotalandirrecoverabe of
       Sightof oneeye                                t25,000                 €2,500
Itern7 Permanenl TotalDisablemenl                    125,000                 f2,500

Item8 Temporary
              TotalDisablernent                      t250 perweekof 100%Oflhe InsuredPersons
                                                     NetWeekly               ls
                                                               WageWhichever lhe lesser
ItemI            Paftial
         Tempofary     Disablement                   !100 perweekof40% Ofthe InsuredPercons
                                                     NetWeekly               ls
                                                               WageWhichever the esser
Coveffof ltems8 and I arc rcstricted up lo !50 per weekoul of pockeiexpenses y fof Insured
                                   lo                                      on             persons
aged!nder 16yearcof ageor Insured  Personswhoare not in gainful

It s hereby
          noledandagreed           2-6
                       thal Benefits ofthe Schedute Benefits extended nctude
                                                  of       are      io
         Lossof Hearing a)    in bothEars            110000                  €1 000
                        b)    In oneEar              12,500                  !250
         Lossof or Permanent
                          TolalLossofuse of
                       a)    OneIhurnb               t5,000                  !500
                       b)    Any Finger              t2,500                  !250
                       c)    OneBigToe               €2,500                  L250
                       d)    AnyotherToe             €750
                TolalLossofuse of:
                     a)            or
                            Shoulder Elbow           €6,250                  t625
                     b)     Wnsi                     €5,000                  1500
                     c)     Hip,Knee anke
                                    or               45,000                  1500

ll is further
            notedand agreed for anyotherPermanent
                            lhat                           not
                                                  disability tisledabove the benefii    sha be
calculaled assessing degreeof dlsability
            by          the                       to
                                          rclative the abovescatewilhoulreference the Insured
Person's   occupalion

LOSSOF SPEECH shallmeantotallossof speech
                    -                     whlchtaststwetvemonlhsand at the endof thal pe od is
beyond hopeol improvement.
LOSSOF HEARING shallmeantotallossof heaing in oneor bolhearswhichtaslstwetve monlhsand at the
endof thal period beyond
                 is    hopeof improvemenl
PERIIIANENT   TOTALLOSS- shallmeanwhichlaststwelvemonlhsand at the end of lhat peiod is beyond

the defintion of Benefit7 PermanenlTotatD sabtement is deemed be amended read ,Disabtement
                                                  -          to        to
whch prcvents Insurcd
               the            ffomengaging anyandeveryoccupation notas previousty
                         Percon            in                   and             stated
Benefii8 - Tempomry
                                                 disabtement      lrom an accident
                                                          rcsufting              which
prevents Insured
        an      Person           in
                     frcmengaging anyoccupation.
Benefit - Temporary
      I                 Disablement
                  Partial         shallmeantemporarydisabtement       frcm an accidenl
                                                              resutting              whtch
prevents Insured
        an     Personlromengaging a subslantiatpa|t
                                 in              ofany occupalion.
Coverhefeexcludes claimsaising from or attributabte Repetitive
                 all                             to          Stressor StEin Injuryor Synd|ome
anygradually    ng
           operat cause.

GroupPersonal      Insurance
De fi nilio n s
"BodilyInjury"  means         physical which
                    identifiable    injury
(a) is caused an Accidenl,
                by           and
(b) soley and independentty any othefcauseexcept nessdirec|yfesutingfrom,or medicat surgrcal
                              of                                                                 of
     lfealmenl  rendered necessary suchbodiy tnjury,
                                 by,                  resu in the nsured
                                                          ts              person deathor disabtement
                                                                                 s                          as
     provided under Insurance
               for     lhis        wlthintwentyfourcatendar monlhs ihe d3teoi suchaccident.
Bodily Inllry shallalso ncludeexposureresutting a mishap a conveyance wh ch the Insuredpefson is
                                             frcm          lo              in
travelling; daleof suchmishap
           the                    shatt deemed be the dateof ihe accident
                                       be         to                          causing  suchbodity     jnjury.
"Accident"          a
            means sudden,   unexpecled,unusuat,
                                                     event, which       ai
                                                                 occurs an denlfiabtetime tocation
duf ng the Period nsurance.
 "Loss of a limb" means  permanent by physicar
                                 ross                    of
                                                separalion a handal or abovelhe wrislor of a foot at of above
the ankleand includes pemanenitolalandirrccoverabe of useof hand,am or teg.
"PermanentTotal Disablement"means disabementwhtch entfety prevenislhe Insufed person from
engaging lheir usualoccupalion whichlastsfor twelve
                                  and                      consecutive
                                                                     catendar monlhs al theendof ihat
timeis beyond  prospect improvement.
"Temporrry Total Disablement"means disabtemenl         which enitretyprevenlsthe nsured person from
engagrng theirusualoccupation
"T€mporary Partial Disablement,,means disabternenl   which prevenlslhe nsuredperconfrom altending a      io
substannal oltheir usualoccupation

Inslred Pers ons and Age Limits
EachInsuredPeason  shallbedeemed sepa€teInsurance.
For femaleInsuredPeBons the wordshe him and his appeaingin the wording th s Insu€ncesha be deemed
replaced sheandher.
Exceptwhere the underwriters'specific prior agrcementhas been obtained,no covershar attachhereunder
respect anyperson
       oi         aged81 yearcof moreat lhe comrnencement of the peiod of tns
                                                         dale                urance

Exc lus iong
The lJndeMritersshall not be liabtefor deathor disabtement  direcflyor indirecflyresuttingfromr_
1 the Insured       s
              Percon slicde attempied    suicideintenlional nluryor detibef€ie
                                                           setf                   exposuie excepionadanger
   (excepl an atiempl savehumantite),
          in           to                 orthe Insuredperson,s  owncimina act.
2 the nsuredPersonengaging ridtngof drving in any kind ol race or in any form of opefalionat
                                in                                                                duiresas a
   member  oflheamed forces    orin rnounlaineelngor rochctimbing normaty requ;ing useofropes
                                                                                    the          orgudes.
3 lhe l,rsuredPersonFngagirgn aenataclivrties  orherlhar air travar a Dassenoer
                                                                  as              -

War and Terrorism 168 HouE Cancallation Clause
Nolwithstanding prcvision fle cortfarywithinthisinsuEnce, anyendorsement
               anv         lo                                 or                 ihereto it is ag€ed thatlhis insutance,
extended include bodilv
                  any            d
                           injury rccttv indirccty
                                         or        caused resutung
                                                          by,        iiom or in connecton  wnh;ny of theioflowing
war hostilities warlike
              or        operaiions(whethef be declared not) Invasion, of an enemyforeign the nalionatity lhe
                                            \dar          or              Acl                      to               of
Insuredperson the counlryin,or over whichlhe act occurs, war,Riol Rebellion,
              or                                         Civil                   Insunectron,  Revotution Overhrc;,/ lhe
      mnslituted government, commoton
                             civir             assumng proportons or amounting an updsing, ritary usurped
                                                       the            of,             to,              I\,4 or
power,Explosions war weapons,
                 of               [,'tuderof /€sau[ subsequenuy  provedbeyondreasonabte     ooubto haveoeenthe ait ot
agents a staieloreign thenalional of lhe insurcd
      of              to            ty             person        war
                                                         whether be de;bredwiththais€le or nor.I enon$acl'vitu

    a) Thatthelnsured percon(s) notactivety
                              are            pa(icipating any,or al, oithe above,
                                                          in                     and
    b) Thal noneoI lhe aboveare the resullol the Utilisalion Nuclear.
                                                           of                 of
                                                                     Chemicat Biotoqicat
                                                                                      weapons mass
                howsoever thesemavbe d stibuledor cornbined.
Forthe purpose
             oflhis extension:
                                 or.acrsof anypersonor sroup(s)
   !,]":TT.,j:1yry wh the?l€ct to i1nLenean) goven^ment of peGonscommitr€d potticar,
   sfrnsf puloses TT: nte.|1iof
                                                                                     for         rerisious,
                                                             and/or pj thepLbrr.o. ary tecxon thepLbt.c tuar.
                                                                    lo                             oi          in
   T€norislactivity includebutnotbe limited ihe;ctual useof forc€or v otence
                  can                        to,                              and/orlhe thrcator suchuse Furthemore,
   the pepetralorsof tenon$ activiiycan eilhert€ actng atone or on behaf ol or in connection any o€anisation(s)
                                                                                            with                    or

   ii) Ulilisaliofof Nuclearweapons rnassdesiruction
                                     of               means useof anyexplosive
                                                             lhe                   nlclearweapon devrce lhe emrssion,
                                                                                                  of      or
                                      escapeor fssie maleiat emiriinsa tevetof €dioaclivitycap:bb of causinsincaFcitalins
                          l:l"tg.or peopte
   *lfll"t_g.fTl ordeat amonqst
   orsaDremen                            oranimals.
War and Tero     sm 168 Hours Cancellation Clauee - Corrtinued
   ii) Ulilisation Chemical
                oI        wepons of mass         me3ns emission
                                        destruction    the           discharge
                                                                             dispersaretease escap€ anv
                                                                                           or         of
   solid,liquidot gaseous
                        chemical       which,whensuitably
                                compound                distribuied, c€pable causing
                                                                   is       of      incapacitating
   ordeath  amongsl p€opleofanimals
   iv) Ulilsalionof Biologic€i     of
                             weapons massdestructiofmeans emissiondischa€e,dispersat,
                                                           ihe                             retease escapeof anv
   paihogenic(diseaseprcducrng)                   and/or bioogicattyproducedtoxin(s) (includinggenelicay modrfied
   organrsms chemicalysynhesised
               and                    toxns) which are capableof causng incapacitaring           of
                                                                                     disabtement deatit amongsl
   oeoDle  oranimals.

Notwithsianding foregoing
               lhe         UndeMritersreserve ight lo g ve theAss!rednol tessthan168hourcnotce of
cancellalion respectoflhe inclusion any,or att,of lhe perits
                                  of                        tisied     SuchnoliceshaI be deemed have
                                                                  above.                        to
beenreceived the Assured thelirneanddalelhatit is received the intemediary
              by           at                                   by             lhrough whornthispolicy
mosldirecllynegoliated LJnderwrilers.

Con d itio ns
The llnderwritersshall only be liabler-
(a) underllem 1 of the Schedule Benefls f dealhoccufswithinlwentyjoufcalendar
                                  of                                        monihsof the date of the
(b) under llems 2 to 6 of the Schedule Benefits the Loss of timb(s)and/oreye(s)occurswilhin lwentylour
                                          of          if
     calendar  months ofthe dateoilhe accidenl.
(c) underltem 7 oflhe Schedule Benefits lhe perod ofTotal Disablement
                                   of         if                               givingrise lo the ctaimfor lhis ltem
     commences    withn twenlyfour calendarmonlhsof the daie of the accidenr                        ve
                                                                                  and tasls for hrve conseculive
     calendar  monlhs more.
In respectof the cons€quences the same accidentno caim shallbe payable
                                  of                                              undermorethan one lem in the
Scheduleof Benefits excepl for paymenlin respectof Temporary         parliat Disabtemenlprecedingor fo owing
TemporarV TotalDisab    emenl.
In the event that an accidentcoverect  under this Insuranceshouldresuttin the deathof the Insured      pe6on wthin
          calendaf   monihs ofthe dateofsuch accident piorto the definile
                                                       and                             of
                                                                             selttemeni a ctaim disabtenrent
as provided undef tems2 lo 7 of the Schedule Benefits
           for                                   of         thereshaI be paidinstead suchctaimfor disabtement
lhe SumInsured   pavabefor ltem 1 Dealh
No weeklv benefit shall become payabteuntit the torat amount thereof has been ascertainedand agreect tf
nevertheless  inlerimpayments madefof weeky benefit, totatof the amounls paidshat be deducied
                               be                        the                    so                        fromany
 umpsurnbecoming    payable           in
                            hereunder respect    ofthe consequences ofthe sameaccidenl
Data ProtectionAct Any nlomationprovided the tjndeMdterc
                                              to                 regarding Assured
                                                                           lhe         &/or Insured   pelsonwi be
processed lhe LJndeMrilers, cornplance th the provisions the DataProtection 1998.fof the ouroose
          by                   in             w                 of                    Act                         of
providingnsurance handling
                    and         caims fany, whichmaynecessitale    provding  such nformaion   tolhid paiies
Law applyingto this contractThe Underwtersandthe Assured enlifled choose aw appty lo thts
                                                               are        to        the           ng
insurance          in
         conl|act. the absence    ofany wriflenagreement the contrary, tawof Engand shaltappiy lhis
                                                         lo             lhe                            10
contracts{Rightsofrhird Parties)ActAperson   who is nota padylo lhis coniEcthas no ight underthe contracls
(Righis ThirdPadies) 1999 enforce termof lhis contract thisdoesnot atrecla;y ighl or remedy a
       of            Act       to       any                  bur                                     of
              exisisor is available

Disappearance Clause
lf the Insured Person disapp€arsduring the Perioctof Insuranceand is nol iound within twetvemonthsof
drsappearing, thal sufficrenl
               and            evidence produced
                                       rs         thal leads undeMritercinevtabty the conctusion the
                                                                                 to             ihal
Insured Person has sustainedBodry Injuryand lhat such injuryhas causedlhe tnsuredperson'sDeath the sum
rnsured ltem I Deathshallbecome   payabre hereundef anytimeaftersuchpaymenl nsured
                                                    tfat                        the      personshal be
rould lo be lrvrng. sun thuspaidshattbe refunoed fl-e UrdeM{ers
                  th€                          -o

Hijack and Kid n.p Extension
lfatthe expirydateof the Periodof Insurance Insuredpersonis subjectto the controtof personseffectinga
hijackor kidnap, cover underof lhis Insurance continue thoui addt onal premium a further
                                              wit         w                        for        peiod not
exceeding twelvecalendar       in
                         months all untilthe InsuredPerconhas been |eteased
                                                                          and has traveleddirccifromthe
placeofhis detention his homeor orignatdestinalion

Written notice lhall bs giv€n to lhe Underwfite€ a3 3oon a! prtcticable of any accidenlor incidentwhich causes
or maycaus€a claimlo be madeunderthis Insufance- disablemsnt       lestrlts may resull,lhe Insured
                                                                           or                      Porcon musl
placehimself earlyas possible
              as                 under careofa qualilied
                                      lhe                medical  practitioner.
ln the event of a claim hereunder. InsuledPersonshallallowthe medical
                                    the                                                        appointed lhe
                                                                             advireror a(fuisors         by
ljndeMriterc to examinehim as ofr€nas may be deemednecessaryby the Underwriler6.
All codeapondence    and 3upportingdocumentatlon connection claimsshouldbe sentto the lssuingBloker
                                                   in            with
who ha6validatod Cedmcate,
                  this           quoling C€rtifrcale
                                        the                     lhe
                                                    Numberand Brckeds        Retelence.
Claimr underthia Insuranc€   shallbe payable the Assured theknominees.
                                            to           or
Notico to ti€ Propo3er / Aasurcd. The Partiesare free to choosethe law applicableto thi6 lnsulanco Contract.Unless
specmcally  agreedto the contrarythis Insurance shall b€ subjectto EnglishLaw.
Any enquiryor cofiplalnt concomingthia Inau|ence               in              bo             lo
                                                        should thefir6tinstanc€ addressed the Broker      who has
signed Certificate.
       this            lfyou are not setisfedwilh the manner whichyourcomplaint beendealt,you mayaskthe
                                                              in                  has
Complaints  and AdvisoryDepartment Lloyd'sto reviewyour csse withoul prejudicoto your rights in law.

     The address

     Complalnt3 tleparlment,
     One Lime gtruet,
     TeleDhone 020-7327-5693.


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