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World of Warcraft Gold-Making Guide


									?About Warcraft Wealth...

Warcraft Wealth is a book about how to farm gold in World of Warcraft. It was written
by Wayne Williams, a professional gold seller at the peak of gold-farming expertise.
In this book, Williams reveals the secrets of how to make maximum gold in minimum
time. His secrets are totally legitimate--there are no hacks or cheats involved.

There have been many books published on the subject of gold-farming, but most don't
teach you how to get the gold fast, but rather just give common knowledge of making
gold in the game. In Warcraft Wealth, you will uncover the actual secrets of making
gold in WoW to be used on a daily basis. You will learn the best methods for making
maximum gold in minimum time and get the most useful techniques for any and every
character, levels 1 through 80.

Regardless of a character's class or race, amount of game-play, whether Alliance or
Horde, or how the character is built, this guide will benefit you. Everything is
explained A through Z with pictures to actually show you how to do it yourself. This
guide can help a noob who knows nothing of gold-making in the game, yet it can also
benefit a more experienced player on the subject of gold-making to get better at it.
All-in-all, whatever your situation, this book is for you.

Just a Few Secrets You'll Discover Inside...

There are too many secrets in this book to list all of them here, but these are just a
couple I found very useful:

? Learn how to make 100g in 7 minutes at the Auction House
? Discover the most effective way to make gold fast--you'll gain nearly 5000g in 2
? Learn how to get unlimited space for the items you plan to sell in the AH
? What is the first thing to do when thinking of putting an item into AH?
? What are the 7 most important principles of using AH?
? The 8 most important herbs that will accumulate massive amounts of gold
? How to use buyout correctly in the AH
? When to never use the AH

Bonus #1: Auction House

In "Auction House: Mind-Boggling Videos on How to Create Tons of Gold,"
Williams gives a video tutorial uncovering the secrets of the WoW Aution House.
Realizing how difficult it can be to fully understand everything that goes on in the AH
with only text and images, Williams has recorded the screen of his game-play to show
step by step how it is done.
Bonus #2: Mining Maps

In "Mining Maps: Complete Walkthrough Over Mining Regions," Williams included
the maps he uses when mining. With these priceless maps, you'll be able to mining
whatever you need or are just looking for with minimal effort. Just go to where the
mining maps point you and you will find a substantial amount of gold.

Bonus #3: WoW Basics

In "WoW Basics: From Noob and Beyond," you'll learn all the basics that should have
came with your copy of World of Warcraft, but did not. Some people could argue that
these basics are only for noobs, but that's not the case. In fact, there are many level
80's in the game that don't have a clue about some of these. A must-read for anyone
who plays the game.

?   Warcraft Wealth - Official Site:

Learn to farm your own World of Warcraft Gold! WoW professional gold seller
reveals the secrets of gold farming. Learn how today!!!

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