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                          Replacement for Sony NP-FM500H Digital Camera Batteries

       By lithiumbattery
       Dated: Aug 27, 2009

       Sony NP-FM500H Battery[Li-ion,7.4V,1640mAh], Rechargeable NP-FM500H Digital Camera Battery

       Sony NP-FM500H Battery[Li-ion,7.4V,1640mAh],can be the replacement for Sony NP-FM500H Digital
       Cacmera Battery,this is a rechargeable NP-FM500H Digital Camera Battery
       which you can rely on!

          Product Type : Li-ion
          Rating : 7.4V ; 1640mAh
          Color : Black
          Dimension : 55*37.5*19mm
          Net Weight : 80g
          Battery Code : SONY NP-FM500H
          Brand : Sony Digital Camera Battery
          List price:
          US $ 66.74

          You Pay:
          US $ 51.34
          Sony NP-FM500H Replacement for The Following Battery Code:

       SONY: NP-FM500H
        Sony NP-FM500H Batteries Work With The Following Camera Models:
       SONY a 100 Series Battery , SONY a 200 Series Battery , SONY a 300 Series Battery , SONY a 350
       Series Battery , SONY a 700 Series Battery , SONY DSLR-A100 Battery , SONY DSLR-A100/B Battery ,
       SONY DSLR-A100H Battery , SONY DSLR-A100K Battery , SONY DSLR-A100K/B Battery , SONY
       DSLR-A100W Battery , SONY DSLR-A100W/B Battery , SONY DSLR-A200 Battery , SONY
       DSLR-A200K Battery , SONY DSLR-A200W Battery , SONY DSLR-A300 Battery , SONY
       DSLR-A300K Battery , SONY DSLR-A300K/N Battery , SONY DSLR-A300X Battery , SONY
       DSLR-A350 Battery , SONY DSLR-A350H Battery , SONY DSLR-A350K Battery , SONY
       DSLR-A350X Battery , SONY DSLR-A700 Battery , SONY DSLR-A700K Battery , SONY DSLR-A700P
       Battery , SONY DSLR-A700Z Battery ,


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