How Much Is Too Much- by gyvwpsjkko


									?I am walking down a very long hallway at an airport—I am sure this setting is
familiar, given that it seems like all airports are nothing but a series of long hallways.
As I stroll quickly by I see one poster after another lining the walls. You need to fill
that space up with something, after all.

I move from one section of the airport to the next and see more and more of those
posters, only they seem to be repeating. There are maybe seven or eight posters as
most that just recycle over and over again. I pass by the same poster maybe five, six
times at least.

Now, one could view this situation from two different perspectives. The first is that
the repetition of the posters helps to make sure the topic of it sticks in my mind. The
purpose of poster printing is to help a person remember a company name by seeing
the poster each time they go someplace.

But on the other hand I have to admit being a bit annoyed by the constant nature of
the repetition. In the span of maybe ten minutes I have seen this poster five or six
times. I am finding myself being turned off by the constant poster views than anything
else. And to confirm the point, no, I cannot remember the names of any of those
companies, so you could say the poster did not do its job.

Now the difficult question needs to be asked: how much is too much? Had they put up
only three posters instead of seven or eight in that airport would they have had a better
chance of me taking interest? Are there some people who just need to see the poster
that many times before they will finally remember the message?

There is no single answer to this question, and each industry is likely to be quite
different. This means research is the only way to have a good feel for what will work
for you and your poster printing.

A full color poster is going to be great at grabbing the eye, but when a person then
sees the same poster in a short span of time five more times you might literally erode
the initial interest they had. You have made your poster commonplace by too much

At the same time, even the most interesting poster can be forgotten if the person does
not see the company's name enough.

My point here is less about giving you a solid answer, because as I said before, each
industry will be different. However, knowing the issue exists is always going to be the
first step towards finding a good answer. The next time you decide to get some poster
printing done try to research how many posters will be needed to do the best job
without being overkill.
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