Estimate for Electrical Wiring ESIC Hospital, Naini,(1)

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                      REGIONAL OFFICE

Notice Inviting Tender-For Supply and installation of D.G Sets of various
                                    capacities in ESIC Hospitals in U.P.
       Sealed envelop tenders are invited from authorized dealers/Manufacturers for Supply
& Fixing and installation/testing/commissioning of D.G Sets as per following specification
under two bid systems i.e. Technical and Financial bids.:

       A. Silent type DG Set of 03 phase 440 Volts, 50 Cycles complete with all accessories
          i.e. water/cooled engine & AC alternator on a common bed, fuel tank, Sealed
          Battery , Manual type electrical panel and Standard Green sound proof Canopy
          etc.and including installation, testing commissioning etc as required with.
       B. Supply and laying of suitable PVC armoured fire proof Aluminium cable from
          DG Set to Electrical panel of ISI Marks of reputed make and a change over switch
          of 200/400 Ampere capacity as required to complete the work as required.
       C. Supply & Fixing of 10 mm thick 1x2 meter size Rubber Matting of Suitable size
          for electrical panel.
          The capacity of DG Set and place of installation is as under :-

Sl.   Capacity of DG Set Fixing        Qty        Place of Installation       Estimated Cost
1.    63 KVA                           02 Nos.      ESI               Hospital 7.50 lacsx2=
                                                    Naini,Allahabad       and 15 Lacs
                                                    Renukoot (Pipri)
1.   82.5 KVA                            01 No.     ESI Hospital & SRO, Rs.8.00 lacs
                                                    Directorate, Pandeyapur,
2.   45 KVA -01                          05 No.     ESI      Hospital,Aligarh, Rs. 7.00x 5=
                                                    Agra,     Modi     Nagar, 35/- lacs
                                                    Saharanpur            and
                                                    Sahibabad (U.P.)
                                                    Total 08Nos                  Rs. 58/- Lacs
Cost of tender documents – Rs. 1000/- Only ,          EMD –2% of Estimated cost
Date of sale/calling tender- 29/11/10 to 14/12/10 Date of opening tender : 15.12.10
               (11 A.M. to 4 P.M.)                                           at 3.30 P.M.
Date of submission of tender 15.12.10 by 3.00P.M.
Terms & Conditions:-
   1. Preference will be given for purchase of DG Sets on DGS&D rate.
   2. Interested parties/companies are advised to visit the site before giving offer.
   3. Rate quoted should be firm and fixed, valid for 60 days atleast and should be inclusive
       of cost of labour, material, tool & plant etc. whatsoever including all taxes.
   4. No escalation of any nature will be payable.
   5. The tenderer should also enclose their latest Income Tax clearance certificate and
       PAN no. etc.
   6. Tenderer must have TIN No. of Trade Tax department and having experience of 03
       years of same type of work.
7. Conditional tenders are liable to be rejected.
8. Successful tenderer will have to deposit secutiry money @ 5% of estimated cost
    before start of work.
9. EMD of unsuccessful tenderers shall be refunded within one month from the date of
    award of work to the successful tenders.
10.Cost of tender, EMD and Security money will be payable through
  Demand Draft/Bankers’ Cheque in favour of RD, ESI Corporation, Kanpur.
11. The tenderer can apply for one or more places.
12..The competent authority of ESIC reservers the right to accept or reject any or all
    tender without assigning any reason thereof.

                                       STATE MEDICAL COMMISSIONER

Jun Wang Jun Wang Dr
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