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									?One of the main problems that all Virtual Assistants eventually face is hitting the
limit on the number of hours that can be billed to clients ... we only have 24 hours in
every day and we do have to get some sleep! We also have to do the administration
for our own business as well as continual marketing activities to ensure a steady
stream of clients.

So how can you earn more money? One way is to bring on board associates to
undertake some of the client work so that you can take on more work. There are 2
ways that this could work:

1. You act as Project Manager meaning all client requests come to you to delegate
and then work carried out is returned to you to check before sending back to the client.
This is a very hands on role and will take up a lot of time and won't be billable.

2. Give your client direct access to the associate to communicate requests and
receive completed work. This means that you can still undertake billable work
without having to get too involved.

Once you make the decision to start working with associates, think about the people
you can bring on board to compliment your skills and even offer new services. For
example, think about social media management, book keeping, SEO, website design,
IT helpdesk, telephone answering, copywriting, audio typing, shopping cart
management and graphic design. The services you offer don't have to be traditional
Virtual Assistant services, think about what would be useful to your customers and act
like a one stop shop for them so that you are earning money from it.

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