; Working the Melaleuca Business from Home
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Working the Melaleuca Business from Home


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									?Working the Melaleuca Business from Home
Melalecua is one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in the United
States and had 2004 sales of over 600 million dollars. With sales numbers reaching
that proportion it is quite obvious that money is being generated and made by the
independent marketing executives Melaleuca relies on to distribute its over 350

Melaleuca has used its trade marked Consumer Direct Marketing system to reach
consumers who are searching for a business to grow from home or enjoy the
convenience of purchasing quality products that are less harsh than those purchased
from a local retailer. The cost to become a Melaleuca preferred customer is normally
$29.00 and includes a business kit for those who want to work the business. As an
independent marketing executive you have to introduce others to the Melaleuca line
of products or business in order to generate an income. You are required to purchase a
minimum 35-point order each month to maintain your Melaleuca preferred customer
status or to remain an independent marketing executive if you are working the

Your main objective in the Melaleuca business is to gain quality enrollments and start
building referral lines of which you get paid on 7 levels. Melaleuca is not the best
business to work from the Internet alone and you will gain enrollments much faster by
doing face to face business overviews in home, and cold calling referrals, and
advertising locally. Unlimited long distance is a must have for those who try to gain
enrollments from the Internet since you will be pooling from a nationwide audience.
Most people who use the Melaleuca line of products are satisfied with the quality and
Melaleuca has an empty bottle guarantee as well. The income you build in Melaleuca
can take months or even years to accumulate into a source worth having. Those who
do well in Melaleuca are those who work well with people and make friends easily.
Since essentially you are a salesperson (selling someone on the benefits of being a
preferred customer or independent marketing executive) your success is going to be
highly dependent on your people skills.

By JC Moore

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