Workforce Management- Efficient Management of the Workforce in a Company by bnmbgtrtr52


									?Workforce management or WFM consists of the total activities that are necessary to
maintain the production workforce in a company. It is also addressed as HRMS at
times. In simple words, workforce management means managing the complete
necessities and requirements of the employees related to their work, such as;

* Payrolls/benefits
* HR Administration
* Attendance & Overtime management
* Training and development programs
* Scheduling and forecasting
* Career and succession plans
* Emergency assistance
* Tracking of workforce
* Performance Management

Workforce managements basically means assigning the right job to the right person at
the right time but this conventional approach has now developed into a much
professional and integrated management system. Today's workforce management is
very much a part of HR activities and issues. Scheduling of staff, forecasting the
workload and planning the required resources for the particular job, managing time,
budget and financial planning, research and analysis and monitoring the overall
process are some of the basic function in workforce management.

Workforce management can be handled in a professional and accurate way with the
help of workforce management software but unfortunately it has been observed that
only one third of companies all over the world are taking advantage of this technology
to manage their workforce appropriately. In most of the companies the workforce is
handled with the help of spreadsheets. But this sometimes results in recurring
expenses, wastage of time etc. Scheduling is one of the key features of workforce
management. It is very important to forecast the values and accordingly plan for the
exact requirement of staff or resources to complete the production activities.
Scheduling helps to evaluate the exact requirement of staff in the current situation as
well the in future, enables handling of work load, holidays and availabilities of

Time management is another important factor. To do the overall time management for
the process, maintaining the login hours, break timings, weekly offs, shift timings are
the basic activities of time management. Flexibility in time is not recommended in
some cases as it makes staff scheduling more complicated. Hence the time model
should be set appropriately and accurately to experience professional and systematic
flow of work. The employee's shift requests should be considered well in advance and
the resources should be scheduled accordingly, as it helps in proper accounting of
time and makes it easy to manage the work operations smoothly.
Workforce management is very useful in optimizing the performance of the
employees and it helps to manage the productivity as well as efficiency of the
resources. The workforce management software gives us appropriate data which is
very helpful in decision making process. Proper scheduling, perfect time management
makes your workforce management effective and helps remove the hindrances in your
daily production activities and also reduces the usually faced problems such as being
over staff or under staff, and ensures that only the required amount of resources are
been utilized. This also results in improved level of service and excellent performance
by the staff.

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