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									?Thank you for your inquiry,

We are offering a full or part-time opportunity in email processing. You can work at
home. We do require that you have a computer with Internet connection and are
familiar with basic Internet /email functions.

As to your earnings, it is totally up to you, as you will be running your own business.
There are no limits; what you will see represents a very lucrative money making
business that anyone can run to generate a significant residue income from the
comfort and privacy of their own home.

This VERY SIMPLE Internet based business is specially designed to be reproduced
by ANYONE-ANYWHERE who has a computer and Internet connection; you need
only understand the very basics of "cut & paste" word processing and using ordinary
email. Absolutely NO SALES ABILITY IS REQUIRED to make a great success of
this program! The work is accomplished by a very ingenious method of processing

You will receive full and clear instructions, and we will always be available to help
you, and answer your questions. This is a genuine home business. It is not a chain
letter, money game, multi-level marketing (MLM) program, telecom scheme, or any
of the multitudes of doubtful business offers that come through your email box. This
completely legal business can generate a residue income of (UK) 1300 to 3500
pounds every month with only a part-time commitment (about 10-15 Hours per week).
A full commitment (about 30 hours per week) based on statistics gathered from
associates world wide, translates into an income of (UK) 7500 pounds or more per

To prove our sincerity and confidence in this opportunity, there is NO CHARGE to
join us for the first month. You will receive all the information to get started in your
first month's quick - start package (a 50 pound value) via email. If by remote chance
you are not satisfied with the program after the first month and you wish to
discontinue, you may by all means do so and we will not contact you again. On the
other hand... if you are satisfied with the program, and wish to continue after the first
month, that is when you purchase the following month's information package for 50.
Since you DO NOT PAY ANYTHING until after you are already starting to earn a
remarkable residue income, you have virtually nothing to lose... and a great deal to

If the above opportunity interests you, and you would like MORE INFO about our
very simple and profitable business, contact me on the below email address. Please
include your name and email address in the body of the message... and type in the
subject line SHOW ME.

We are successful if you are successful, and therefore do all in our power to ensure
that your relationship with us is a prosperous one.

I look forward to your reply

George Hart (
Project 21 Solutions

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