Words that Work - Successful Business Writing by bnmbgtrtr52


									?With the adjunct of digital communications such as email, live chat, webinars,
websites, blogs and social media - more and more of our daily interactions are
conducted in the written form. The power of the written word can transform the
effectiveness of your business communications. From our marketing materials to the
introductory email - effective business writing can help deliver your core messages
and achieve positive business outcomes.

Fortunately, you don't have to be a wordsmith to compose an effective email;
meanwhile, successful web writing in the digital age requires sharp, crisp and concise
language that is different from traditional print media. There are few general tips to
keep in mind to string together words that work:

 Plan your documents - even if it's just email writing, it's a good idea to plan your
documents to make your actual writing process more efficient. Have your key
messages and communications mapped out so you can structure your writing around
these points.
 Use concise language - there's no need to be wordy. The digital age means we're
used to scanning documents and emails instead of reading them, so it's important to be
as clear as possible and to get straight to the point.
 Write with your reader in mind - always keep the reader in mind when document
writing - think about how much knowledge they have on the subject, especially if
you're speaking to a client. Use examples and language that are relevant and concepts
that will be easy for them to grasp.

It's also important to be detail oriented and accurate - even a one line email should be
grammatically correct and free of spelling mistakes. Consider the tone and voice you
use in your communications as well - certain words can instil a level of confidence
and expertise. Meanwhile, business training programs can help get you and your staff
up to speed on essential business skills such as impactful writing, public speaking and
effective leadership - so you can get on with doing good business.

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