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Wordpress-The Modern Printing Press by bnmbgtrtr52


									?Wordpress has revolutionized the internet because of the ease with which ordinary
people and businesses can publish information. For newcomers to the power of the
internet the power of the Wordpress platform is mind boggling.

Any small business owner who wishes to promote his products or services before the
advent of the Wordpress blogging platform was faced with a vocabulary and language
that he simply did not understand, much less care for.

Words like search engine optimization, html language, style sheets meant as much to
the ordinary small business owner as a totally foreign language.

Wordpress has changed all that. Because with a little guidance and a little research a
complete novice to the world of the internet can set up a blog in a matter of a couple
of hours and tell the entire world about the products and services he has to offer.

With the correct choice of theme, which he can download for free from the internet,
and a few invaluable plug ins, which he can also get for free, a complete beginner can
have a website which is search engine optimized and ranked by the search engines
within a week.

The correct choice of plugins such as All in One SEO will do the most essential tasks
for him automatically each time he makes a post or update to an existing post. Other
valuable plug ins which can be downloaded free include a feedback form, a privacy
policy and a subscribe form.

The ease with which the business owner can change or tweak the look and feel of his
site by simply changing themes would have been unheard of before the advent of
Wordpress and the benefits to be exploited from this flexibility at a very small outlay
are simply incredible.

A restaurant owner could set up his site and pack it with menus, special offers, recipes
and promotions and the simple task of ensuring that all of his advertising and
stationery includes his website address will pay him back exponentially in the
following years.

In conclusion the tiny cost and flexibility of the Wordpress platform is, in my opinion,
the modern equivalent of the printing press of centuries ago because of the huge
empowerment it provides to anybody who takes the short time to understand it.

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