Wood blinds accent hardwood floors

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There are many good reasons wood blinds are popular among homeowners. Not only
do they bring the beauty of wood into your home, with its myriad colors and striations,
but they also provide a classic look that works in many of today's top interior design
styles. The wooden blinds can additionally be made out of faux wood, and may be
crafted in horizontal as well as vertical varieties. If you have several large wood
surfaces in your home, such as hardwood floors, adding wood or faux wood blinds
adds to the continuity of the look that you want to achieve in your rooms.

Wooden blinds are created from thin slats of wood. These may be designed so that the
entire blind can be moved up to the top of the window, or the slats may all stay in
place and open or close to allow light into the room as desired. Cording is used with
wooden blinds to raise and lower, as well as open and close, the blinds.

Faux wood blinds are a good choice if you wish to use the blinds in any room where
they will come in contact with water or steam, such as a bathroom or kitchen.
Although a little bit of real wood is used in the construction of faux wood blinds, it is
combined with man-made products to form the slats that look like real wood slats.
Because wood blinds may warp if they get dampened repeatedly, many homeowners
choose blinds made out of faux wood because they are more warp resistant than real

Wood blinds and faux wood blinds can be purchased to either match or contrast your
hardwood floors. If your flooring wood is honey-hued, for example, it can provide a
consistent look throughout the room that anytime wood is used. This includes blinds
and furniture that matches the warm tone of the floor. Another different and beautiful
look can be achieved through contrast. If you have white walls, for example, you can
achieve a high contrast if you select wood blinds that are in a dark color. This can give
the room a very sleek and sophisticated look, or even a tropical look, depending upon
how the room is otherwise furnished and accessorized.

If their inherent style was not enough, wooden blinds can also help you to save on
energy bills. When winter rolls around, many homeowners with blinds made of wood
enjoy superior energy efficiency with their gorgeous blinds.
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