PHIL by pengtt



loving, fond of

 lover of humanity;    Oprah Winfrey is
  someone who            a well-known
  wants to increase      philanthropist, for
  the well being of      she gives millions
  humankind, often       of dollars to
  by charitable          various charities
  donations              in the hopes of
                         helping others.

 collection and     He was very
  study of stamps    successful in his
                     hobby of philately;
                     his rare flower
                     stamp collection
                     was worth

 study of language    Because he loves
  and literature       English literature,
                       he majored in the
                       field of philology.

 lover of, or             Famous
  searcher for,            philosophers such
  wisdom or                as Aristotle,
  knowledge;               Socrates and
  person who               Plato questioned
  regulates his or         the nature of
  her life by the light    human existence
  of reason                and the structure
                           of human society.

 Devoted to or      It was no surprise
                      that Mrs. Hernandez,
 appreciative of      who categorized
 music; a             herself as a
 symphony             philharmonic woman
                      while alive, left her
 orchestra or the     sizeable estate to the
 group that           National Symphony
 supports it.         Orchestra to support
                      her love of music
                      even after her death.
                       Though his family
 A lover of books.     knew he was a
                        bibliophile, they were
                        shocked to see, upon
                        walking into his home,
                        books stacked so
                        high and so deep that
                        one had to walk
                        through each room
                        like it was a maze.

 A person            After traveling to
 attracted to that     Indonesia for
 which is foreign,     missionary work,
 especially to         Kate became quite
 foreign peoples,      a xenophile, loving
                       all aspects of the
 manners, or
                       foreign culture in
                       which she had
                       immersed herself.

 a lover of         Buddy, an aerophile
  aviation or the     since he was a child,
  operation of an     was crushed when
  aircraft            he was denied
                      entrance into the
                      Airforce Academy
                      due to poor grades
                      and poor eyesight.

 love for what is    Many students
  new or novel         seem to have
                       neophilia, for as
                       soon as the
                       newest Air Jordan
                       tennis shoes are
                       on the market, they
                       must buy them.

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