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					?Everybody wants to beautiful and glowing skin. Beautiful skin usually begins inside
and radiates outward. All of the skin care products are not created in similar way.
Women have different type of skin as compare to men. So the methods adopt by
women for caring their skin are different that of men. There are so many skin care
products in the market, how can you choose which one effectively for your particular
skin. So you need a source of information to make a good decision. Some bad habits
such as taking high fat diets, smoking and drinking some alcoholic beverage even
affects on the women skin. Choice of lifestyle, stress and poor nutrition are also
common factors to make woman skin ugly.
Keep your skin from direct sunrays
The most important thing is, to protect your skin from the harmful sunrays. When you
are exposed to sun and sunlamps your skin color may be changes because it protecting
itself from the sun ultraviolet harmful rays. These ultraviolet rays can cause sunburn
and after long time passes may lead to wrinkle, blemishes and eye problems like dark
circle under eyes.
Do not use soap or soap base products to wash your face. Some of ingredients in soap
are very harmful for your skin. Use plain or soft water to wash your skin as usual as
you can to remove dirt, dust and clean your skin. Hydrating is a key of healthier skin
for women's. So they should drink minimum eight to ten cup of caffeinated beverage
daily with more water. Regular use of moisture may help you to keep your skin
healthy and shiny.
Make up
Make up is an excellent way for a woman to get first impression. But never forget to
remove it, before go to bed with cleansing milk. To clean their face thoroughly before
going to bed, it will be helpful to prevent acne formation. You should use facial
cleaner in morning and night to remove cosmetics.
Use water base products
Wash your face with plain water and water base products. If you have oily skin you
should keep in mind, do not use creams in summer. It can cause formation of
blackheads and acne.

For avoiding ingrown hairs, cuts or skin irritation they should take extra care of their

You also take aware of you skin care products. Skin care products should be natural as
far as possible. You have to use the products that are free of paraben. Paraben is a
chemical that is widely used in cosmetic products like shampoo, body lotion creams,
facial masks, and many other skin care products

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