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					?Skid steer loaders are machines used in different types of construction sites, and are
applicable especially in tight spaces because they are small and easy maneuverable.

They are equipped with wheels and can turn in their own tracks, making them
extremely valuable for applications that require a compact, agile loader. They have
light weight and so, they can be towed behind a pickup truck.
The skid steel loader has four wheels and its characteristic is that the left-side drive
wheels are independent of the right-side drive wheels. This way, wheel speed and
direction of rotation of the wheels will determine the direction the machine will turn.
The skid steel loaders have a simple operating system. Inside the cabin there are two
joysticks: a left hand joystick and a right hand joystick. The left hand one is made for
controlling the direction. The right hand one is for controlling the loader arms and
bucket. By pulling the joystick back, the arms of the machine will raise; by pushing
the joystick forward, the arms will be lowered. In order to tilt the bucket up the
joystick must be moved to the left. By moving it to the right the bucket will dump. All
the system is powered by hydraulic pumps, meaning that there is no mechanical

The Skid steel loader is suitable for digging and moving landscaping and other
building materials. Due to its numerous tools it can also grade, jackhammer cement
and load trucks. Some of the special tools of the skid steer loaders are: a dirt bucket,
utility grapple bucket, pallet forks, utility fork, angle blade, auger, broom, cold planer,
hydraulic hammer, landscape rake and tillers, material handling arm, stump grinder
trencher and a vibratory compactor. These tools make skid steel loaders quite useful
because there will not be necessary 10 machines any more to complete all these

Another useful machine in the construction field is the backhoes. They are generally
used for many different jobs and can replace many other types of heavy equipment at
the construction site.

They are designed in a unique way; they have tools sticking out from every way of the
machine. The backhoes can be considered to have three pieces of construction
equipment combined into one unit: a tractor, a loader and a classical backhoe.
Because the backhoes can use all these three functions at a construction site they are
considered to be quite valuable and replace other machines.

The backhoe's core structure is the tractor. Its design allows the machine to move
easily over different type of rough terrain. It is equipped with a turbocharged diesel
engine, with tires and a cabin for the pilot.

The loader is another part of the backhoe. It is attached in the front, while the backhoe
is situated in the back. The loader is used as a spoon that picks up and carries a lot of
loose material. It can also be used for smoothing things over, or for pushing dirt.
The backhoe loader also has a backhoe in the back of the tractor. Its function is to dig
earth, or to lift heavy loads and then drop them in a pile at the side of the hole. All
kinds of holes can be digged with a backhoe but most of all is suitable for ditches. In
order not to fall inside the hole, the backhoes are equipped with stabilizer legs.

The backhoes are used mostly for digging ditches with the backhoe, and then for
carrying out the dirt with the loader. After the work is done in that are, the loader will
fill back the ditch with the extracted dirt.
These machines, the skid steer loader and the backhoe are very useful nowadays
because they are very efficient and they save a lot of time because the operator doesn't
have to switch between two different pieces of equipment any more.

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