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									?In the world of technology wlan router has its own important place. Users should
aware of its usages in every day life. Wlan router provides strong benefits not only at
home but also in office settings . One can use cable modem service which gives ip
address with the help of dhcp for the router. Later this router gives ip address via dhcp
to other clients on one's local network. In this processing single box is used for the
router and another box for accessing point whereas wlan router has the benefit of
providing both in the same box.

Wlan router helps in connecting multiple networks. It is quite beneficial for having
the usage in wireless networks in public areas mostly in case of multiple networks
which can be accessed. Wlan router helps the college students to accesss anything
along with surfing the internet with the help of wireless connection. It also plays an
important role in improving network management. In any kind of business
environment wlan router provides an extra mileage for monitoring and updating one's
networks. For logging either locally and remotely via wired network now they can do
it wirelessly for making any changes.

The wlan router helps in improvement of network performance. This helps the wlan
router to operate effectively . The biggest benefit of wlan router is that it provides
security both on the wired side adn wireless sides. In case of sensitive information
wlan router backs multiple and concurrent ip security sessions so that consumers can
protectively access networks with the help of virtual private network clients.

One can use wlan router in case of considering it for anykind of wireless fidelity
suchas wifi deployments. One can find the difference in the usage of wlan router and
the access points. Access points permits wireless users for accessing only a single
network whereas wlan router permits users for accessing many networks. One can
also see that wlan router helps in the implementation of network address translation
protocol which permits the multiple network devices for sharing a single ip address.

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