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									?If you have been using a computer for a while, you know that access to your
computer might be limited or blocked sometimes, for the wrong reasons. Sometimes
hardware might get blocked or clogged, sometimes electrical problems might occur,
while some others a forgotten or misused password can block your system completely.
Bios password is one of the main sources of trouble, especially to new users and PC
novices. In some other cases, someone can easily set or change the password for fun
or to take revenge from you.

This issue is actually not fun at all for the average user, as the operation of the
computer is completely disabled. Resetting the password can be quite time consuming
and quite frustrating if you don't know how. Following a few easy steps though can
help you with resetting the password fast enough. Depending on the manufacturer of
the motherboard, the model and year of manufacturing you can change, disable or
reset the BIOS password. Here are a few ways to do so.

Sometimes resetting the settings to default is the easier way to reset the BIOS
password. In order to do so, you can open the cabinet of the CPU and switch off the
power. The main goal is to locate the CPU battery, which needs to be removed for a
few minutes. Once you remove the CPU battery, you can restart the PC, without
placing the battery back. The PC will reboot with the original settings, resetting the
password. Once this happens, you can shut the PC down, and put the CPU battery
back. This will restore all functions of the computer and will help you work normally
with the PC as it was.

Another way to reset the BIOS password is to use the backdoor code that many
vendors and manufacturers use. This backdoor code is a standard password that works
no matter what the password of the BIOS is. These passwords are introduced by the
manufacturers in order to test and maintain the BIOS and can be provided by if you
contact the manufacturer or if you go online and search for them.Sturat enjoys writing
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