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A wireless network is a flexible data communications system, which uses wireless
media such as radio frequency technology to transmit and receive data over the air,
minimizing the need for wired connections. Now you can take your laptop and get
connection to the Internet wherever is offered wireless service. But you have to follow
some security steps to keep your data safe.

How wireless works

 Wireless (Wi-Fi) or 802.11 networks is a method of connecting a computer to other
computers or to the Internet without linking them by cables.

Wi-Fi networks use radio technologies called IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b or 802.11g to
provide secure, reliable, fast wireless connectivity.

Security threats

 The most common wireless encryption standard, Wired Equivalent Privacy or WEP,
has been shown to be breakable even when correctly configured
 Some electronic equipment can interfere with radio waves and disrupt your Wi-Fi
 MAC Address Spoofing, etc.

How to protect your wireless connection

 Change default settings
 Use encryption
 Use anti-virus software
 Turn off your wireless network when you know you won't use it and also turn off
identifier broadcasting on your wireless router. So your computer won't send a signal
to any device in the vicinity announcing its presence
 Restrict the network to only allow connections

Article source: Information security awareness