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									?It is an intangible object of desire, an often in-elegant alphanumeric sequence, a
deciding factor in your access to health and education services, and an aide to the
accurate delivery of mail. It's also about to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary in the UK.

The best postcodes are up there in the pantheon of much-sought-after acquisitions,
rubbing shoulders with the personalized car number plate, the platinum credit card
and the shortest URL addresses.

However, unlike a car registration plate, credit card or web address, the humble
postcode is, by its nature, tied to one spot, and for that reason alone there's is no
reasonable doubt that an SW1 trumps an E20 or N24, however much those fictional
residents of North and East London might disagree.

While the most desired postcodes can command telephone number house prices, and
premium rental levels for office space, a desirable postcode can also, instantly, say as
much about your lifestyle or your business values as your Face book profile or
corporate brochure.

London's Postcode Elite: St James, Mayfair and Belgravia

St James, located behind Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square, remains London's most
prestigious postcode. SW1 is home to royal parks, palaces, and some of the oldest
gentleman's clubs in the world. It symbolises tradition, authenticity, old money and
high society - and also reportedly boasts what will currently be the world's most
expensive apartment (£115m) to be located on St James's Square .

Of course, Belgravia, which also boasts the SW1 prefix, shares all of these attributes,
as does Mayfair, just a short stroll away in W1, creating in combination the most
prestigious triangle of neighborhoods in the Capital.

In addition, these areas of London are also much sought after business locations, and
the lure of such postcodes can be as strong as the quality of the bricks and mortar.
Recent years have seen St James's become a centre for hedge funds and private equity
houses, for example.

Options open to Businesses

For businesses requiring the kudos of a prestige postcode, leasing conventional,
commercial office space in the location of choice is one option, although as with all
conventional leases, you may be tied in for a long period and committed to a suite that
may not be flexible enough to meet your needs as your business expands or contracts.

Serviced offices, meanwhile, can offer flexible space with a high level of customer
service, and provide a highly competitive alternative to conventional leases.

Yet, there is a third route to acquiring a prestige postcode. The "Virtual Office" option
is particularly suited to those who do not want the expense and effort of setting up a
permanent office, but realise the benefits of a prestigious address, first class facilities
and office management services.

Virtual Offices

A virtual office package provides a business address for your company, and a place to
work when you're in town. Other services can include switchboard call answering in
your company's own name, mail handling, hot-desking and touchdown arrangements,
access to executive lounges, meeting rooms, communications technology,
videoconferencing, catering and support staff.

One of the biggest benefits, of course, is the use of a prestige address - and postcode -
on your business cards, letterhead, website and other marketing materials.

The reasons why companies use virtual office services are diverse, though often by
providing a presence in a given location they can help facilitate entry into new
business markets for international companies. New business start ups often use virtual
office services to appear to be located in a prime area of the city, when in fact the bulk
of their operations may actually be based in a suburban garage or - conversely - a
beach deckchair in Florida.

In terms of cost, you really do get what you pay for, and while some providers may
charge as little as £50 for a virtual address, you can guarantee that it won't be a
prestige location, and you certainly won't get the full range of services mentioned
above as standard.

However, Virtual office arrangement in prestige locations such as Mayfair, Belgravia
and St James can still provide amazing value for money given the benefits, with
services often costing more than half the investment of taking a single desk space in a
serviced office, and considerably less still than taking a lease.

Suddenly, the option to enjoy the benefits of a presence in some of London's most
exclusive postcode areas is a realistic proposition for many small to medium sized

The Executive Offices Group provides fully serviced offices and meeting space, video
conferencing and virtual office facilities in prime locations across London and the UK
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